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The IWK—Dr Becker advises companies, banks and service providers on strategic, economic/political economy, and automotive-specific questions. Dr Becker was a member of the Advisory Council ("five methods"), was responsible for many years as chief economist for the macro-strategy of BMW AG, and was chairman of the German Association of Business Economists (VDBE).
From BMW chief economist to founder and director of the Institute for Economic Analysis and Communication, Helmut Becker draws up his presentations from this broad background of experience. He is a book author, sought-after interview partner on television and in the print media, and member of national and international societies, working groups, and committees in the automobile industry.


  • „China's capital and financial strength in the stress test
  • Where is China developing? Danger for the world economy?
  • From debt crisis to system crisis: is western capitalism at the end?
  • Inflation or deflation—what do we have to prepare ourselves for?
  • German automobile industry once again facing a difficult market environment—where is the trip going?
  • Can inflation solve the world's debt problems?
  • World economy in growth crisis—consequences and solution possibilities?
  • Europe in crisis—is Germany prospering at its neighbours' expense?
  • The Euro debt crisis—causes and solution possibilities
  • The world in crisis mode—what to do!
  • Public poverty, private wealth—can the debt crisis still be resolved playing by democratic rules in western countries?
  • World economy facing new challenges—where is the trip going?
  • The booming German economy—how long can the upturn last?
  • The economic effects of demographic change—where are we going and what must we do?
  • After the crisis is before the crisis: what are the German economy's long-term growth opportunities?
  • Additional topics by arrangement


Economic and industrial policy functions during the professional career
  • Member of the Commitée dÂ’Administration at ACEA, Brussels
  • Member of the Coordination Group at VDA Frankfurt
  • Chairman of the Statistics Committee at the BDI
  • General Secretary of the German-Chinese Transport Commit-tee
  • Chairman of the Transport Committee at LBI
  • Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce (Bavaria)
  • Chairman of the Association of German Business Economists
  • Various advisory memberships in the automotive industry
Honorary office
  • Nomination as Saarland ambassador by Prime Minister Peter Müller (2008)
  • Member of the Ludwig Erhard Foundation Sponsoring Society
  • Publications
  • Collision course—automotive industry in global cutthroat competition
  • High noon in the global automotive industry
  • Toyota phenomenon—ethics success factor
  • Thwarted—how the German automotive industry is steering into crisis
  • Flight of the dragon—China's economic might quo vadis?
  • Darwin's law in the automotive industry—why German manu-facturers are among the winners


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