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Dr. Holger Schmidt is a digital economist, keynote speaker, university lecturer and author. As a journalist, he has spent two decades writing about the digitisation of the economy, including 15 years for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. These days, the economist
lectures Masters students at the TU Darmstadt on the subject of the "Digital Transformation". As a columnist for the Handelsblatt, he writes on the digital job market. He also advises companies on building platform models and has invented the Platform Index. His blog
"Netzökonom" is one of the most popular publications on the digital economy in Germany. His clients include both SMEs as well as international corporations. In his talks, he delights his audiences with deep knowledge of the digital economy. Dr Holger Schmidt knows how to explain the big picture behind the digital world and its effects to both a broad public and corporate executives. He encourages us approach digitalisation with enthusiasm.


Platform economy – understanding the key business model of the digital economy

  • Learn the trade secrets of seven of the world's 10 most valuable companies
  • How you can also build platforms in your industry and benefit from them
  • Why only constructing third-generation platforms brings success
  • Experience the impact of the platform economy on jobs, prosperity and society

The second wave of digitalisation – what artificial intelligence, blockchain, robots, and 3D printing can bring

  • Learn about the impact of AI on business and work
  • How robots and 3D printers are changing the global division of work
  • Learn how to build new business models with modern digital technologies.

The working world of the future – which jobs will be lost, which new ones added?

  • Which jobs will be replaced by AI in the future and how to prepare your company and staff
  • Find out which qualifications your staff will need in the future and how you can systematically cover your requirements yourself.
  • How to make your organisation and working methods future-proof for the digital age

Further topics:

The digital economy – how digitalisation is redistributing wealth in the world


“Holger Schmidt has an excellent understanding of how to present the complex topic of digital transformation in a way that is as vivid as it is entertaining, how to make connections visible and how to point out opportunities for business and society. The feedback from our customers was, without exception, very positive.”
Andreas Przewloka, UBS


“Holger Schmidt perfectly analysed the complex mechanisms of platform economics and presented them in an exciting way. His talk familiarised participants of our Facebook 'Grow' conference with this important digital business model and inspired them to drive forward their own platform approaches". Martin Ott, Managing Director, Facebook Central Europe


“Holger Schmidt represents an active and open approach to digital change on the German media scene. While others stick their heads in the sand, he stretches his out again and again. The focus of his work is on curiosity about new things and opportunities. That was also an incentive for me and my team.” Florian Martens, Daimler


“Holger Schmidt combines profound technical knowledge with a compelling way of communicating it to the right target group.” Arthur Seidel, Fraport


Deutsche Bundesbank, BMWi, Daimler, Microsoft, Facebook, Deutsche Bank, Salesforce, IBM, Otto Group, Linde, Fraport, UBS, Vattenfall, Klöckner, Merck, Novartis, Adobe, Uber, Freudenberg, Jungheinrich and many more




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