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Voice. Language. Presence. In her talks, Inés Hoelter will let you discover how the former influence the latter. Inés Hoelter is a speech and presence trainer and lecturer for prospective dubbing actors and moderators. She herself comes from an acting background and has taken to the small screen in various capacities
(Tatort Cologne, Switch Reloaded, Alarm für Cobra 11, Unter Uns et al). So she knows how
important voice and language are for our physical presence: why does an "i" sound nicer than a "u"? Why do we find deep voices more attractive than high ones? And why do particular intonations seem more arrogant than others? Exciting, captivating, scientifically grounded and humorous, Inés Hoelter"s talks tell all about these fascinating topics " At the highest level and with plenty of charisma. Real added value for your event!


The wonderful voice and what it signals. We all have a voice; we all understand the signals. But only few of us set out to explore this wonderful tool of speech and, through doing so, consciously advocate for successful communication. Voice and language are sounds. And that is why both are so unbelievably important. Because nothing is right or wrong, but everything has an effect. But why is this? Why do we find deep voices more attractive than high ones? And why do we sometimes sound arrogant or unsure, without actually being so? Why does an “i” sound bright and light, not dark and heavy? And what shape does “Kiki” have, what “Malouma”? An exciting journey through the world of language, vocal timbre and the neurosciences. A definite plus for every intensely vocal and language-sensitive field of business!

Voices, intonation and their effect on us and our communication

  • High voice, deep voice
  • Why a “no” is often not a “no” – seeming strict, unsure – and not realising it?
  • The crux of the matter of ums and ers – clear communication is clear speech

Give me an I – the effects of vowels and words on our inner perception

  • Light vowels, dark vowels
  • Give me an I – because it’s funny
  • Soft words, hard words – are we all synaesthetic?


“Elegantly and with a pleasantly light touch, Inés Hölter leads the group talk, keeping the thread of the discussion in her hand at all times. A perfectly moderated talk with Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe on the topic of ‘patient safety in times of digital transformation’. Once again, many thanks, and we will be glad to repeat the engagement.”
Reiner Breuer, Mayor of Neuss

“Inés Hoelter moderated our panel at the XChange Night 2019 on the subject of ‘change’ very professionally. Sure of the topics and with a commanding presence, she led the discussion, keeping the thread and providing a good overview. She was able to approach the 6 very different participants on their own ground; thanks to her charmingly posed questions, she managed to tease out many different aspects of ‘change’ for the audience. A definite added value for our guests; after all, in times of digitalisation & change in the world of work it is important to learn from others’ experience. And that is the goal of our XChange Nights. We received a great response to the event – particularly on social media. That is why we are going to offer this kind of exchange and this format in other cities. Inés Hoelter was a real asset to us as a moderator – I would recommend her wholeheartedly.”
Nicole Neubauer, Managing Director, metaBeratung

“Inés Hoelter was brilliant at our weekly Inspiration Coffee at the Ideas Square @GREY germany with her talk on ‘the effect of voice and language’. She gave highly interesting views of the world of neurosciences and the topic of voice & language in general. With a sure grasp of her topic and great humour, she gave her keynote speech, never forgetting to involve her audience and make sure they were not left behind. A definite plus for our team and external guests. I recommend Inés Hoelter as a speaker with pleasure and am available by telephone for any questions.”
Britta Flaitz, New Business Director



Expert Marketplace -  Inés  Hoelter  - Die Geheimnisse eines charismatischen Auftritts - wie Sie zu einem Kommunikationsgenie werden

Die Geheimnisse eines charismatischen Auftritts - wie Sie zu einem Kommunikationsgenie werden

Erhältlich ab November 2019



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