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Jan-Marc Pickhan, Dipl. Economic Engineering, Co Founder & Senior Managing Partner of LegacyBuilders Global and entrepreneur by passion is an expert when it comes to strategic business growth. He started his career in management as Supply Chain Manager Europe in an international company. In more than 10 years in management positions and with a responsibility for worldwide projects valued at more than 150 million Euros, he gained a vast experience in the field of structured and process-oriented business building. Meanwhile he is active in the field of corporate restructuring and succession planning. In his consulting roles, workshops and lectures, he inspires his participants with well-founded expertise combined with a wealth of pragmatic knowledge of success. He knows how to focus on the "quick wins" and how to convey the essential content in a practical and easy-to-implement way. True to his motto "Just because no one has done it yet, doesn't mean it can't be done", he
encourages people to act instead of react.


Intrapreneurship - How employees become co-entrepreneurs

  • How to create a framework for entrepreneurial thinking and action
  • How to systematically promote continuous improvement suggestions and increase value creation
  • How to unleash the full entrepreneurial potential of your employees with situational leadership

A trusting Brand - How to put the brand experience on autopilot with processes

  • How to win your customers' loyalty every day through processes and standardization
  • How to turn customers into fans through repeatable experiences
  • How to structure your business model to run on autopilot and generate continuous business growth

Digital leadership - effective virtual leadership

  • How to become aware of the pros & cons of analog and digital leadership and combine the best of both worlds
  • How to use a mix of trust and structured feedback conversations to accurately assess the performance of each employee
  • How to promote exchange and create team spirit with clear rules and structured communication


Philip Jepson (UK)
Founder at Allied Global Engineering

"Jan-Marc is a true entrepreneur and it is a privilege to work with
him. We are working as Partners in buying business across Europe and he has great experience and expertise to contribute to our project."

Reto Winkler (Switzerland)
Senior Founding Partner, YieldPro Global

"Working with Jan-Marc and his wife Jennifer in big investment
deals as well as with building up their franchise business is always straight forward. Jan-Marc is very knowledgeable about todays markets and trends. He knows how to build up an international team and is a very hardworking man. His laserfocus on underpromise and overdeliver is shown in all his actions.

Jan­ Marc is a loyal teamplayer who empowers his partners all the time. The result is seen in the growing of their franchise business.
I can highly recommend Jan-Marc."

Mona Tenjo (Germany)
Host of "Success By The Numbers

Ich habe das Privileg, Jan-Marc schon seit mehreren Jahren zu kennen
und mehrfach mit ihm zu arbeiten. Jan-Marc ist geradlinig,
ergebnisorientiert und zupackend. Ein echter Unternehmer. Mit seiner Erfahrung im Aufbau und Strukturieren von Teams und Abteilungen
ist er in der Lage, komplexe Geschäftsvorhaben und Teams erfolgreich zu führen.

Er hat selbst erfolgreiche Unternehmen aufgebaut und weiß, worauf es wirklich ankommt, um als Unternehmer voranzukommen.
Ich arbeite immer gerne mit Jan-Marc zusammen, sowohl persönlich als auch beruflich.


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