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Jens Corssen, a psychologist, was probably one of the first in Germany to practice as a behavioral therapist in 1971. In his counseling, he refers to the lifelong learning of attitudes and behaviors, rather than primarily childhood experiences. In professional counseling as a cognitive behavioral therapist, he does not ask about "problems" or do personality analyses. Rather, he wants to know what exactly one wants to be able to do and achieve, and why one has not yet achieved it. He conveys the essence of his now 50 years of work as a conflict consultant, change facilitator and goal achievement coach in lectures, seminars and one-on-one sessions. As a specialist in mental self-leadership ("šInner Coaching"˜), he also advises executives in the fields of business and media. Jens Corssen is the founder of the philosophy of "The Self-Developer©", a philosophy and practice for excellent self-leadership that is widely used in business today.


The Self-Developer© - starting with the change with oneself

Joy of life is learnable

With joy of life to private and professional success

Thought management - What does my thinking cost me?

Self-motivation in difficult times -
Change management

Winning the "inner game" through excellent self-coaching

From effective handling of failures and defeats

Disgruntlement as an obstacle to a joyful life - How to overcome it

Self-development: prerequisite for successful interaction with others


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"Jens Corssen's idea, The Self-Developer©' promotes successful self-management and thus makes a significant contribution to the learning organization." Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle, CEO, Linde AG

"Dear Mr. Corssen, I would like to thank you very much on behalf of my entire management team. 400 people were and are completely enthusiastic! The content of your presentation was sensational. Your presentation style was world class. As expected, your explanations had amazing depth. It was never boring in three and a half hours. Thank you very much and all the best to you." Jochen Berger, General Representative, HMI Executive Boards


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