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“Story Master” Joachim Günster has worked successfully in sales for over 25 years. While he has achieved a great deal in this time, many offers also amounted to nothing, prompting him to search for the difference between a failure and a deal. He studied sales techniques, and focused intensively on marketing, advertising, psychology and presentation & communication methods. His conclusion: There is no one single thing that leads to successful projects; only a combination of multiple aspects, which together result in the story. Having finally understood this, he studied the approaches and techniques of storytelling. In his presentations and seminars, he very successfully trains and teaches the art of storytelling, thrilling participants from around the globe – because storytelling is the world’s best sales method.


Storytelling in sales – Seducing, not lecturing
  • How to reach your customer’s heart, and spark their desire for your products
  • How to use stories to generate emotions which sell
  • How to intrigue customers, and get them onboard as fans and brand ambassadors
Company story – The basis of success and growth
  • How to create your own story and thus always keep on track
  • How to use your story to win, even in difficult times
  • How to make your story the guideline for your success
Digital storytelling – Selling in the digital world
  • How to use the right digital media and generate even more sales
  • How to build relationships and gain customers through content marketing
  • How to increase your reach and save on advertising expenses through automated marketing


“As a sales pro with long-time experience, I thought I had seen every sales method there was. But the “Story Master” blew my mind, and achieved a lasting effect at our company. With fast and measurable success.” Reinhard Janning, Chief Digital Officer, ec4u expert consulting AG “After the workshop, it was clear that even our staff had to hear about ‘the world’s best sales method’! And then of course the start-up holdings too. Because we all somehow need to ‘sell’.”
Ingo Weber, CEO FAS AG, Financial Solution Experts “Top speaker, great atmosphere, and very practice-focused, with real examples.” “Lots of sales-relevant points summed up nicely. Very helpful.”
Feedback from workshop participants at IHK Zetis GmbH


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