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Jörg Gantert is one of the leading top experts on the topics of motivation, mental strength and stress resistance. He is one of the most successful German karate athletes and spent a long time of his life in Japan, China and America. The "German Samurai" crowned his impressive career with the karate world championship title. Jörg Gantert is also a qualified banker and business economist and worked for several years in a leading position in the personnel development department of a large industrial company. In seminars, lectures, as a keynote speaker and as a book author, he now passes on his multi-layered experience to managers and employees. As a speaker, Jörg Gantert is engaging and authentic and ensures that his seminar participants and listeners take action, get involved and make a difference. He shows how experiences from the areas of high-performance sports, personality development and value systems can be applied to everyday management and professional life.


Change 4.0 - Awaken the power that lies within you.

  • How to find a proactive attitude in times of change, tap into individual resources and initiate solution-oriented actions.
  • The "Inner Game" - How to positively influence your state through the secret of "inner communication".
  • How you can overcome obstacles caused by crises and grow personally from them.

Mental strength and motivation in times of change.

  • How to develop a strong mental mindset, build emotional strength and achieve your goals.
  • You will learn how to noticeably increase your intrinsic motivation and driving force.
  • Resource Management - How to put yourself in powerful states independent of external influences.

Life Mastery Degree - Taking Happiness and Success into Your Own Hands

  • You will learn the essential laws of success, how to make your own self-management more effective.
  • The power of "proactive mindset" - How to be mentally empowered to deal with professional and personal challenges.
  • How to live a fulfilling life in alignment with your values and principles.

Further topics and lecture contents of Jörg Gantert are:

  • Stand up for your dream
  • Making a masterpiece out of life
  • Setbacks are the harbingers of great success
  • How to overcome fears and strengthen your willpower
  • How to program your subconscious for success



"Jörg Gantert is one of the most authentic and competent trainers we have ever worked with. He understands like no other how to get into the mindset of the audience and motivate them to perform at their best."
Thomas Duebe, Executive Board, Bertelsmann AG Direct Sales

"With your extremely likeable and inspiring manner, you have always led our guests to a powerful and positive attitude over the past years. We are already looking forward to another appearance by you."
Bernd Adamaschek, BVMW Münsterland

"Jörg Gantert is a master of motivation!"
Westfälische Nachrichten

"Karate world champion and management coach Jörg Gantert inspired his audience on the topics of high performance and motivation!"
Augsburger Allgemeine

"Mr. Gantert was really quite outstanding - I have rarely experienced a speaker who is so authentic, entertaining and rousing, bringing the topics to the point." Anja Schuster, Sparkasse Neu-Ulm Illertissen