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Jörg Hawlitzeck, author, speaker and sparring partner for leaders, is an expert when it comes
to the MINDSET required for business success. The trained humanities scholar is himself a
passionate entrepreneur and has supported people and companies with their development
for 15 years. His clients include both SMEs as well as international corporations. Jörg Hawlitzeck
gathered his wealth of experience in the tourism, media and culture sectors. He became
enthusiastic about people and their behaviour early on in his life. This made him realise that
attitude is the decisive factor with regard to personal success. He walks the talk. In his talks, he
thrills his audience with his clear, inspiring and humorous manner. His talks provide content
with substance, insights from the field of research, practical experience and a refreshing dose
of optimism. He inspires people to think outside the box, to push mental boundaries and
bravely break new ground.


The future MINDSET: strategies so you, too, can still be inthe game tomorrow
  • The strategies you can use to overtake the high pace of development and secure your future viability
  • What role your attitude, thinking and perspectives play for personal success
  • How to manage your emotions and act with great presence of mind 
Business MINDSET: the decisive step ahead 
  • How to create a fertile environment for creativity and innovation
  • How to use agile thinking to create the conditions for making the right decisions and acting effectively
  • How to enable your team to go beyond mental boundaries for the business models & products of tomorrow
Relationship MINDSET: when you change, the world changes
  • We come across to others differently than we think – How to hone the perception of your personal impact and inspire other people
  • How to avoid blunders and have a positive impact on your environment
  • How to lead by example and create an unbiased culture of togetherness as the basis for the organisation of tomorrow


Ammann Schweiz AG, Albert Weil AG, Alliander AG, arvato Bertelsmann, A. Frauenrath Bauunternehmen GmbH, Comma Soft AG, Dom Kölsch, Ergoline, Go! Express & Logistics GmbH, Homa Pumpen GmbH, Kann GmbH Baustoffwerke, Papstar GmbH, QSC AG, Haus Schaebens GmbH & Co. KG, Theater an der Rott, Ufa Show & Factual GmbH "As a speaker, he captivates his audience. The content and the personal touch of the speaker offer a fantastic symbiosis." 
Edgar Beheim, Managing Director, Sunup GmbH "With his keynote speech, Jörg Hawlitzeck set a lasting desire to take iniative."
Karin Wolf, Managing Director, System Plus GmbH & Co. KG "Jörg Hawlitzeck has set the right momentum for looking forward."
Stefan Hoff, Managing Director, nobeo GmbH "The best event in my 30 years of professional experience."
Rainer Schulz, Head of Operations, Ammann Group



"My travels to foreign cultures have decisively influenced and inspired me and my actions. Intellectual giants such as Socrates, Schiller and Buddha still influence my life today"



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