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Dr. Josef Braml is the USA expert of the German Council on Foreign Relations - one of the world"˜s most renowned think tanks. He holds a doctorate in political science and is a trained banker. He writes award-winning books and writes articles in leading German newspapers and international journals. In his exciting lectures, he explains the key players in the power struggle of American business and politics in a practical way. He also explains economic issues in broader geoeconomic and geopolitical contexts. Based on his practical experience in the political operations of Washington, the World Bank and as an employee of the world"˜s leading think tanks, Dr. Josef Braml knows how to analyze transformative trends in global economics and politics and identify options for action. He is one of the most demanded experts when it comes to bringing complex issues to the point in a confusing world.


The American patient –
risks and market opportunities in the US
  • The borrowed upswing – who foots the bill?
  • America first! – Who does US economic nationalism hurt?
  • Dollar-Dämmerung – threats to Germany‘s capital investment and export industry

World political changes – geo-political opportunity and
risk analysis for companies
  • America‘s global competition with China – what about Europe?
  • Dissolution of the liberal trade world order – impacts on German politics and economy
  • US populism as a risk and opportunity for Europe‘s role in the world

European unity as a success factor in global competition
with America and China
  • Economic growth – the guarantee of success for stability and social peace in Europe
  • Europe‘s Marshall Plan as a chance for institutional investors
  • Global rules and institutions as a prerequisite for Europe‘s commercial
    success in the world

Other topics:
  • Oil prices – geo-economic change drivers
  • Populism & nationalism as threats to world trade and peace
  • Democracy and world trade – a dependent relationship


„I am amazed at how clearly Josef Braml got to the heart of complex issues. I‘ve heard a lot of talks in my life – this was by far the
best.“ Heinrich Schmidhuber, former Managing President of the Association of Bavarian Savings Banks and Member of the Presidium of the German Football Association

„Thank you very much for making the talk so pertinent to the Fonds
Professionell Kongress. The feedback from visitors was outstanding. The topic went down very well and, in asset management, the global perspective is the starting point for a competent strategy.“ Philipp Baar-Baarenfels, Director Austria, AXA Investment
Managers Germany GmbH

„On behalf of the DIHK SME Committee, we thank you for the very interesting exchange with you. You gave the participants real insider knowledge about the tectonics of US politics, which they can‘t get from the media.“ Ingo Schwarz, Chairman of the DIHK SME Committee, and Marc Evers, Head of the Small Business Unit, Start-up and Business Succession Unit

„Josef Braml is amazingly good when he‘s talking about his topic.“ Prof. Dr Gerald Lembke, a digital pioneer and expert in the use of digital media, at the European Media Summit, Lech am Arlberg


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