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Katia Steilemann inspires with her Brazilian love of life and international expertise in the areas of high performance, mental health and creativity. With more than 23 years of international professional experience, including 16 years in the field of human resources development for top Dax companies in the pharmaceutical & chemical industry, she brings a wealth of experience from the business. In Asia it became clear to her how much one"˜s performance depends not only on mental attitude and diligence, but also on the environment. 11 years ago she started her own business in Hong Kong. Since then, she has been showing people how to become more productive, improve their mental health and strengthen their communication with the right interior design. As a trained preventologist and interior designer, she brings valuable knowledge from the fields of neuroarchitecture and psychoneuroimmunology. She is a sought-after expert in the media. She motivates people to action and reveals how we can stay mentally well and feel good everywhere.


It‘s not just old and inappropriate office spaces that weaken employees‘
performance, team spirit and mental health; home offices and office design trends can also get in the way of success and health. I‘ll show you how everyone can design a better work environment, what enhances their own well-being and what enables agile, creative and focused work.

High Performance –
Achieving top performance with furnishings & architecture

  • How to program your mental strength through space and create a desire to perform
  • How to harmonize your private and professional life areas and thereby increase your performance
  • How you consciously send signals to your colleagues and employees through objects and decoration and thereby promote best performance in the team

Mental health as a success factor –
How to anchor healthy habits

  • How to find and walk your personal path for lasting vitality
  • How to integrate and ritualize healthy habits into your daily work routine
  • How to reduce stress, gain energy and reduce absenteeism in your company

Mindwandering – More space for creativity

  • How to promote mental strength and creativity in 3 steps
  • How to internalize and anchor creativity processes with regular rituals
  • How to unleash the swarm intelligence of your teams with „creativity influencers


Known from:
TV: RTL, WDR, SAT.1, Hamburg 1; Radio WDR2, Radio Leverkusen

Companies, customers & references:
Philips, Bayer, Von Kunhardt Akademie, The University of Hong Kong, Facebook, ELG China, Rotary Club, International Professional Womens Society, Thermomatic do Brasil, Casa do Guardanapo Ltd.

„The expert for healthy living spaces“ Sat. 1

„After an extensive and personal discussion, and taking into account individual needs, we as a team were presented with an innovative approach to solving our „Pain“, easy to implement and use in everyday life. Many thanks!“ Philips

„Katia Steilemann not only has the knowledge, but also an extremely charming and humorous way of bringing this knowledge closer to us. This combination makes Katia a great speaker who is a pleasure to book.“ Oliver Kogler, Entrepreneur, Austria

„We called Katia because we suddenly had reckless accidents in our school. Our Chinese staff asked us to get help. After we implemented most of the suggested changes, the accidents stopped!“ Andrew Hill, Founder & Director, ELG Shanghai

„Stages without you are stages without power!“
Hermann Scherer, Bestselling author & consultant, Germany


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