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Katja Porsch is an international speaker, author, CEO and co-founder of the Start-up Academy of Carinthia. She gained her sales expertise in the course of over 18 years through more than 50,000 acquisition calls and more than 7,000 sales calls in various branches of the free market economy. Despite her successful conversion rate of 1 to 1.5, she also knows how fast you can decline and slip into bankruptcy. She did not let herself get down and fought her way back to the top. One of her most important guiding principles is "It"˜s not bad if you fail. The only important thing is that you get up again!" These days, she uses her wealth of experience to help companies and employees successfully deal with change, assert themselves in the marketplace and achieve their sales goals. Katja Porsch is one of the most successful motivational and sales speakers in Germany and, to date, has already inspired over 30,000 participants in her seminars and talks with her authentic and likeable presentation style.


From USP to UPP – who „only“ sells, sells nothing

  • The USP is dead – why it‘s the personality and not the product
    that sells
  • How to transform yourself from an ‚Information Intermediary‘ to
    a ‚Relationship Tuner 4.0‘
  • The skills salespeople will really need in the future and why it‘s
    time to say goodbye to classic consultancy services

If you run, you get eaten – awaken the doer in YOU!

  • Hesitation, doubt and fear are a thing of the past – why we
    need a doer mentality in Germany
  • Why we need to seek out challenges in the future and should
    not run from them
  • How to identify, seize and successfully implement opportunities
    for the future of your company

The Hollywood gene:
Finally become visible and the star of your market

  • Classical marketing is dead, nobody wants to have average -
    How we manage to be visible, desired and bought today
  • Plans and strategies are important, but worthless without
    dreams and visions – Why visions are the engine of your business
    and how you manage to communicate them in a way that
    makes everyone go full throttle
  • The times when we could trust on our experience are over –
    why it takes courage to make mistakes and new experiences
    and how you can manage to implement this new mindset


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„Katja Porsch inspired our audience with her exciting and lively presentations and kindled in them the fire to approach the future positively and courageously.“ Louis Krebser, CEO Krebser AG

„This was one of the best presentations on the subject of sales. Really practical and also very vividly presented - compliment.“ Günter Apeltauer, Executive Vice President, Volksbank Neckartal


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