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Kishor Sridhar is a leading expert in digital change, leadership and the "human factor". As an executive advisor, he supports companies in planning and implementing innovative strategies for success and helps them to successfully master the challenges of the digital future. With his start up VirtualRunners he set new standards as an entrepreneur in the middle of the Corona crisis - change as an opportunity for success. The best-selling author and keynote speakerinspires with a successful mixture of profound know-how, practical relevance and likeable humor. He has a unique mix of expertise from a process background (Dipl. Ing.) and busines psychology (MBA) and impresses with national and international practical experience from numerous projects on digitization as well as from consulting and HR, including at the Gallup Institute or with Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dr. Daniel Kahnemann. With a lot of infotainment, Kishor Sridhar presents new solutions tailored to the target group, links them with business psychology and ensures an "aha" effect for the audience. His credo for the digital future: People have never been as important as they are today.


Sales on the pulse of time –
Customer Journey completely rethought

  • On and off - How to combine strengths and inspire customers without limits
  • Understanding how the customer 4.0 really ticks, how they decide and how you get them to do what you want them to do
  • How to bring emotions into digital channels, use them as a competitive advantage and thus strengthen your customer

Emotional Digital Leadership –
Winning strategies for game changers

  • Leading to High Performance: How Leadership Works Today and
  • New Work: What strengths successful companies, leaders and employees really need in times of change
  • Would. Would. Could. Do: How to make your teams fit for the digital future

Change & Mind-Set – 
Shape the future successfully

  • How to recognize and overcome hidden barriers among employees and inspire even critical team members for change processes.
  • How to create and live an innovative change culture today for
  • How you can align your company with the digital future in five efficient steps and successfully implement measures.


Adobe, Avacon, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, DLG, IBS Solar, IKB, 1&1 Internet AG, John Deere, KPMG, Leitz, Mercedes, Merck, Messe München, Microsoft, Opel, Q1 Energie, PWC, Rodenstock, SAP, Saxobank, Schäffler, SEAT, Telekom AG, Toyota, UBS, Vodafone and more.

„Sridhar conveys his ideas wisely and persuasively. Managers would do well to follow!“ Harvard Business Manager

„A straight A from all participants. With such positive feedback, a repeat is on the cards soon.“ Esselte Leitz

„Own ideas and current results presented in an exciting and cutting-edge way. The participants were enthusiastic.“ Handelsblatt

„Enthusiastic! A very interesting lecture on pricing, price culture and advertising. Up to date and on the pulse of time. An absolute highlight!“ Euroforum

„You have helped our team break new ground in a unique way! Very exciting and absolutely inspiring!“
Commerzbank AG


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