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Klaus Schirmer is an entrepreneur, author, auditor and rousing speaker. Thanks to his entrepreneurial expertise, with which he (co-)founded Austria's first pharmacy franchise system and led his own pharmacy to the title of "Austria's Best Employer", Klaus Schirmer is undoubtedly one of the hands on keynote speakers. With a skilful mixture of fine humor, profound wisdom and numerous entrepreneurial anecdotes, he has been inspiring his audience for years in speeches, seminars and events.

He knows how to present highly complex topics in a pictorial, competent and humorous way. His speeches and seminars offer inspiration, information and motivation at the highest level!

Leading according to the Husky principle: Your team pulls, you steer!


Management according to the HUSKY principle

  • How to gather the right comrades-in-arms around you and get them to work towards your goal
  • How to playfully balance intuition with disciplined structure
  • Why a culture of "Yeaahhhh" is so important for your success

Arguing connects

  • How good arguments lead to more respect and understanding
  • How to manage conflicts wisely and gain constructive energy from them
  • Which conflicts you need to move forward and which ones you should better avoid

Life quality instead of maximization:

  • How to keep your life portfolio in perspective to live a good overall life
  • What a fulfilling life balance means for you personally
  • Why being a "normal average" can be worthwhile


  • Österr. Apothekerkammer, Dr. Stefan Deibl, Head of Training Department
  • Swietelsky Österreich, Bmst. DI Andreas Geiger, authorized signatory
  • Genericon Pharma GmbH, Dr. Katharina Janach, Head of Sales
  • Rotpunkt-Pharma, Dr. Rudolf Anders, Zürich
  • Widmer Austria GmbH, Philip Wied, Managing Director
  • Schwabe, Ley und Partner, Georg Ehrhart, authorized signatory
  • Univ. Innsbruck, Institute for Pharmacodynamics & Toxicology,
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jörg Striessnig, Institute Director
  • Bayer Healthcare GmbH, Mag. Susanne Eibegger, Head of Sales


„My compliments: from practical experience to practical application! Coherent, comprehensible, competent, humorous, very motivating.” 
Peter Halvax, Business-Trainer, Wien

„For me, Dr Schirmer is one of the best in his field. His talks are lively, entertaining and yet lasting, very inspiring and with substance.”
Dr. Andreas Janka, CEO PHAG

„I especially liked the positive energy during the seminar, the joy of life of the coach and the concept.“ 
V. Dellacher, Innsbruck, Participan

„I would like to thank you again for these two excellent events in the context of patient-oriented pharmacy!“ 
F. Kollreider, Student, Innsbruck

"Congratulations again on a great emotional speech yesterday and I am looking forward to seeing you again." Oliver Hochkofler, audience, Graz


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Expert Marketplace - Dr. Klaus Schirmer - Das Husky-Prinzip: Von Leithunden, langen Leinen und Freundschaft in der Team-Führung

Das Husky-Prinzip: Von Leithunden, langen Leinen und Freundschaft in der Team-Führung




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