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What can a “Diva" teach us about ourselves? The American opera singer, director, and performance coach Laura Baxter has studied the effects of the voice and body on non-verbal communication and leadership for over 25 years, and she brings this experience together to help you and your audience perform and communicate better. In her keynote speeches, available both in English and in German, she combines musical theater with leadership to create entertaining, inspiring, and informative events for everyone. A recipient of the prestigious Louis Sudler Award for the Arts from Emory University, Ms. Baxter won the German SpeakersÂ’ Association (GSA) Newcomer Casting Award in 2011 with her Keanote Speech “The Power of Presence!” In addition, she co-authored the books Die besten Ideen für mehr Humor (The Best Ideas for more Humor, GABAL Verlag Top Speakers Edition, 2013) and Sammelband: Präsentieren und Aktivieren (Jünger Verlag, 2016). Her first solo book Dealing with Divas and other Difficult Personalities - A Mindful Approach to Improving Relationships will be released in 2016.


The Power of Presence -- Igniting Passion in Yourself, Your Team, and Your Organisation
In this powerful keynote or break-out session you will learn . . .

  • The four main aspects of presence that help you and your team succeed
  • How you can inspire and motivate your team through strength, clarity, and an excellent knowledge of human nature
  • How you take the stage and own the room through an unstoppable inner strength and outer presence!

The CARMEN Effect — That which Makes You Unforgettable and Irresistible
With amusing and pregnant examples from the opera Carmen, you will experience . . .

  • How to remain calm, centered and focused in stressful situations.
  • How to exude Presence and own every room.
  • How to use the voice, body and mind to move and motivate your audience

Dealing with Divas and Other Difficult Personalities — A Mindful Approach to Improving Relationships
In this dynamic keynote or break-out session you will learn . . .

  • How to understand how "difficult people" think and  to understand what motivates them.
  • How to understand how you can remain calm, centered and focused while dealing with difficult people.
  • How to save yourself and your company time, money and frustration.


A Partial List:
Linde AG, Siemens AG, DATEV eG, IOMAS Media GmbH, Transcatheter Technologies GmbH, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, CNS Computer & Netzwerk Service GmbH, RKW Bayern, 1601 Werbeagentur GmbH, Wild & Milde GmbH,TWINN Lifemanagement GmbH, Diakonie Neuendettelsau, Metaforum International, National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, Rotary International, Wirtschaftsjunioren Bayern, Müller Verlag AG, Deutsches STRUCTOGRAM®-Zentrum, Lions Club International, Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Unterricht und Kultur, FORUM Institut, Regierung Mittelfranken, Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden

„I would like to share with you the feedback from the participants on your lecture and workshop: 'Applause' 'Unique personality! Super!Â’  ‘Wonderful Speaker, who mixed serious content with a lot of fun!Â’  ‘Very impressive woman!Â’ ‘Extraordinary personality!' 'Top Speaker ... more of that!' 'A very impressive woman!'  Thank You for being there.”
Karina Riechers, FORUM Institute for Management GmbH

„Over the course of my career, I have heard many speakers. Most of them are great entertainers, but they were often lacking in content. In this regard,Laura Baxter clearly stands out, not only because she can perfectly entertain the audience, but also because she delivers very valuable and practical information that the audience can immediately implement. One recognises immediately that Laura Baxter is a highly professional and talented trainer. I can highly recommend her any time, any place!”
Daniel G. Bieber, strategy Mentors GmbH



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