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Italian lifestyle and German professionalism, keynote speaker and business experts, woman and man, charming and competent. This are Loredana Meduri and Alessandro Spanu. The interplay of both is inspiring and fascinating. Their creativity, cultural background and life experience, makes them to unique DOLCE VITA ambassadors. The expertise and personality of the duo is characterized by their business experience in Sales & Marketing and Communications, gained in
small and medium enterprises and international companies. They are active in several countries and inspire people with their joy and sense of life. With their professional and humorous personality they are THE FAVORITE ITALIANS on stage. Loredana Meduri and Alessandro Spanu bring with Dolce Vita a lot of spice and passion in every event and give to the participants a memorable good feeling.


Amore mio. With Heart at the customer.
  • Making with simple details the big the difference! Amaze with creativity and authenticity your customers
  • How become an empathy expert and the favorite of your customer
  • How to sell easily with Amore and passion
Buongiorno motivation. With passion at the job.

  • How to handle your everyday life with more serenity and simplicity with the DOLCE VITA STRATEGY
  • How do you bring more passion and joy in your business world
  • How do you discover your own recipe for your success and joy of life
Basta normality. Forward with courage and with your values.

  • What is the DOLCE VITA FORMULA and why it is good to be different
  • How do you create more space in your mind and rediscover your creativity
  • How to recognize innovation and tradition and implement the future business opportunities 


  • Design Offices
  • Deutsche Post


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