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Persönlichkeit, Erfolg & Motivation
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Marc Gassert is “the blonde Shaolin”. He is a communications expert, speaker and martial arts master, and has spent much of his life in different cultures on various continents, learning the Asian martial arts of karate, taekwondo and kung fu from renowned masters. He studied communications, intercultural communication and Japanese studies in Munich and Tokyo, and is today considered an expert in self-discipline. In his energised presentations, Marc Gassert sheds a raw, natural light on Asian wisdoms: Inspiring, profound, fascinating and rich in imagery.


DISCIPLINE It’s persevering, not starting out, that’s rewarded 
  •     How to learn self-discipline using the Shaolin method
  •     Why discipline works like a muscle and how you can train it
  •     How to lastingly achieve your goals in a fun, joyous and relaxed way

Balance Some things need to be changed to keep everything at equilibrium
  •     Energy How to quick-charge your own batteries
  •     Balance Learns the fine line between exerting oneself & letting go
  •     Resilience, How to strengthen your mental resistance


ABB Deutschland, ADAC, Allianz, Audi AG, Bayer AG, Commerzbank, co-operative banks, Dentsply Implants Manufacturing GmbH, Dimension Data, Deutsche Bank, IFG, Ingentis Softwareentwicklung GmbH, JP Morgan, MADAME Verlag, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, MUNICH RE, Patek Philippe, Pepsico, Porsche AG, ROCHE, SAP SE, Siemens AG, Signal Iduna Group, Sparkasse, UBS Group AG, West LB, Wüstenrot, Zeppelin Rental GmbH & Co. KG and many more. “There are lots of speakers, and Mr Gassert is one of the best. His energy, wordplay and profound manner inspired our audience like no other. It’s his mix of presentations; within just a few seconds, you can feel how a room full of 1,400 people transforms into an energy field. Anyone who hasn’t seen or listened to him is missing out. His ideas remain with us, and he has enriched our lives.” Jochem Kehl, INLINE Unternehmensberatung “Marc Gassert’s presentation inspired and left a lasting impression on our staff. His energy, motivation and aura had an effect on all of us, especially me personally. He was an incredible asset to our event, and I can unreservedly recommend his presentation.” Herbert Bockers, Director, Dimension Data “With his youthful manner, his great Qi (energy) and his very profound presentation techniques, he enchants the audience like very few others. Even in a room of 700 people, each individual feels as if he is speaking to them directly. I can highly recommend him as a keynote speaker, and have an extra piece of advice: Leave Mr Gassert until the end of the event otherwise it will be a hard act for other speakers to follow.” Wilhelm Hakim, IFG Internationale Fortbildung GmbH




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