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Marc Wallert (MBA, MSc), Spiegel bestselling author and keynote speaker, is an expert when it comes to resilience. He "abducts" his audience into the jungle and impressively shows howvto come through crises strong and emerge from them stronger. In doing so, he combines leadership and ENT leadership experience. Not only has he worked for 15 years as an executive in international companies, but he has also survived 20 weeks as a hostage in the Philippine jungle. With his jungle strategies, you and your team can also stay strong in uncertain situations, from Corona to Digital Transformation. His clients include well-known small and medium-sized enterprises as well as international corporations. The sought-after crisis and resilience expert is known from radio and television and knows how to make the mechanisms of psychological resistance called resilience tangible in an entertaining way. With Marc Wallert you book a keynote with "goose bumps effect" that is guaranteed to be remembered.


Marc Wallert takes his listeners right into the middle of the Philippine jungle - but he also gets them out again! At his side, you will experience unique challenges that you can master and transfer to your world thanks to his jungle strategies. A lecture tour that gets under your skin and is guaranteed to be remembered!

Strong through crises – On the art of not losing one‘s

  • Acceptance: Out of shock - How to accept challenges and powerfully take action
  • Optimism: How to stay positive in the most difficult situations and release unimagined energies
  • Stress competence: How to use stress as a survival aid and master risks

Jungle Strategies for Digital Transformation

  • Agility: How teams deal flexibly with uncertainty, stay focused and achieve goals.
  • Teambuilding: How a group becomes a team and why conflicts are necessary for this purpose
  • Survival Mindset: How to face reality even in the economic jungle and tackle upcoming changes courageously

Stand up and become stronger – How to discover and
develop your inner strength

  • How to keep a cool head even in seemingly hopeless situations
  • How to use challenges as fuel for your personal growth
  • How to strengthen your strengths, learn from mistakes and emerge stronger from the crisis


„Marc Wallert knows how to grow from crises.“ ntv

„The crisis manager“ WDR Kölner Treff

Known from:

ARD, ZDF, RTL, Wirtschaftswoche, Psychologie Heute, ProSieben, Spiegel, STERN, DIE ZEIT, Süddeutsche and many more


References from companies:

„Excellent online lecture! Accurate to the minute, extremely moving and above all great tailored to the target group. Thank you very much!“ Florian Sörensen, REWE Group, National Sales Manager nahkauf

„In his presentation, Marc Wallert succeeds in showing comprehensible parallels between his extreme situation at the time and the business world. In this way, he quickly establishes a connection with the participants and is able to convey important impulses - he inspired us and made us think!“ Dr. Dirk Linzmeier, CEO, OSRAM Continental

„Marc, you were rocket! A quiet great show…“
Stefan Frädrich, Founder & Managing Director of GEDANKENtanken (Greator)

„Marc Wallert convinces as a speaker with an exciting story - and virtually takes his audience on the journey with his authentic and open manner. How to become strong through crises? Marc Wallert lives it ...“ Olaf Feuerstein, Managing Partner, Hotel FREIZEIT IN


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