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Knowledge can only unfold its heroic effect when the heart is ready for it. This is probably the reason why Marcus Appelt"˜s trainings and lectures are so lively, emotional, humorous and, above all, light. Because simple and heroic knowledge transfer is his claim. At the age of 24, he was already leading employees with his own hero philosophy. He developed them into personalities and left his mark not only in the motivational fitness world, but also in the tough and structured food retail business. That"˜s why today he belongs to an outstanding generation of trainers who not only impart knowledge with charm, practicality, experience and character, but also inspire and ignite the inner hero. Marcus Appelt accompanies entrepreneurs and employees on their way to heroic communication, strong leadership and successful fits of courage. Marcus Appelt says we need more heroic virtues in the business world, in leadership and in knowledge transfer. Are they in?"


Happy leadership – from boss to hero!

  • Qualification versus motivation? How to find the right people for your heroic mission with the right strategy.
  • Static versus dynamic? Are you and your team prepared for the changes in the world?
  • Nice boss versus consistent leader? How to stay true to yourself as a leader and how your hero team fights for you.

“Putting on a heroic performance – inspire listeners with rhetoric and charisma.”

  • The power of language – unfold the power of words
  • Storytelling – every hero has his or her story to captivate their audience. What’s yours and how do you want to package your story?
  • Enthusiasm as a superpower – arouse and capture the emotions of your audience!
  • Content versus language – is it the ‘what’ or the ‘how’ with which I move my listeners? Learn what really matters.

From fighter to hero! Do you have the right superpower to grow personally?

  • Hone your profile, because every hero knows what he or she stands for!
  • Defeats are part of it all! Get to know the art of getting back on your feet again and using the energy of a setback.
  • Future heroes! The hero of tomorrow overcomes the limits of today!


“A lot of people are passionate about their jobs, but few can pass this passion on to others. Marcus not only passes his passion for what he does on to his participants, but also gives them valuable tips in his seminars on how to succeed in doing so, too. He deals with the group individually and it wasn’t boring for a second. Most importantly, it was fun!!! Even a week after the seminar, there’s still a lot going on in my head about where to apply which technique I have learned. I can only recommend it!”
Janina Miekisch

„Once again, two great, cool seminar days! We had a lot of fun and never lost sight of the goal! From my team & me, many thanks for the great seminar!“
Rene Schneider, REWE

“It’s amazing all the things that such a short seminar can change in you. Thanks! I totally recommend it!”
Carina Kaschner

A selection of other clients:
L’Oréal, REWE, Burger King, UGW Sales GmbH, Gruner AG, Abellio Rail GmbH, Technoform Bautec GmbH, Röfix AG, Vertikom GmbH, DZR – Deutsche Zähnärztliche Rechenzentren, RAG Aktiengesellschaft, the Roofers’ Guild, etc.


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