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Maria Höfl-Riesch is one of the most successful ski racers in the world. Her record: three gold medals and one silver medal at the Olympics, two world champion titles, four world championship bronze medals, overall world cup winner, 27 world cup victories. At the age of 3 she stood on skis for the first time, at 16 she became a professional skier and started in 2001 for the first time in the World Cup. Her family and friends appreciate her natural way as well as her diligence, honesty and reliability. Not least because of these qualities, she is in demand as a brand ambassador for well-known companies (including Audi, Head and Hublot). Since the end of her career, Maria has accompanied the World Cup and other major alpine skiing events as a TV expert. She also developed a fitness program and in 2017 her book "Maria macht dich fit" was published. Maria regularly inspires her audience with a firework of impulses on the topic "The way to the top of the world". She is a prevention ambassador for the Federal Ministry of Health. She encourages people to follow her path with passion and iron will.


Project Gold – The way to the top of the world

  • How you always have your goal in mind and release undreamtof
  • How to gain mental strength with special techniques
  • How to create an environment for top performance
  • How to use the virtues of top-class sport for your business
  • How to optimally combine the skills of the team with the
    individual performance of the individual and achieve top
  • How to emerge stronger from setbacks and improve your
  • How to function optimally under stress and pressure & achieve
    your goals

Fit for peak performance – The healthy way to success

  • How to integrate your fitness program into your daily business
    routine, build resilience and thus achieve top performance
  • How to transform stress into energy with daily rituals and how
    to increase and maintain your fitness
  • Which foods give power and significantly increase your energy
  • How to keep your body fit, healthy and flexible with the right
    exercises and measures

Top performance is no coincidence – The way to the World Cup winner


Customers (excerpt):

  • AUDI
  • Deloitte GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
  • Sparkasse Deutschland
  • VR-Bank

Maria Höfl-Riesch is one of the most successful female ski
racers in the world: 27 World Cup victories
Olympic Games:

  • Super Combination Vancouver 2010
  • GOLD Slalom Vancouver 2010
  • GOLD Super Combination Sotschi 2014
  • SILBER Super-G Sotschi 2014

World Championships:

  • GOLD Slalom Val-d`Isere 2009
  • BRONZE Ski downhill Gramisch-Partenkirchen 2011
  • BRONZE Super-G Gramisch-Partenkirchen 2011
  • GOLD Super Combination Schladmig 2013
  • BRONZE Ski downhill Schladming 2013
  • BRONZE Team Schladming 2013

Overall World Cup:

  • 1. Platz 2010/11

Disciplines World Cup:

  • 1st place Super-G 2007/2008
  • 1st place Combination 2007/2008
  • 1st place Slalom 2008/2009
  • 1st place Slalom 2009/2010
  • 1st place Ski downhill 2013/2014


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