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Marius Kaufhold, expert for marketing & digitalization, studied at the International School of Management in London and Dortmund with a focus on digital marketing. He then deepened his knowledge by studying Strategic Management (M.S.) and Strategic Marketing (M.A.) in Edingburg and Dortmund. After graduation, Marius Kaufhold worked as a senior consultant for digital processes and business management. Currently, he is managing director of the digital service agency A.T.Z. in Düsseldorf since 2019. Marius' clients in consulting as well as in his lectures, seminars and trainings include well-known medium-sized as well as internationally operating corporations. He inspires his participants with practical examples, well-founded content and a lively manner in line with his motto "We create digital success stories! Let's talk about yours".


Recruiting - Attracting the right employees every day

  • What success and failure factors influence recruiting today?
  • What can we learn and adopt from global best practices?
  • What does a holistic strategy from application to on-boarding look like? And much more.

Change - Strategic change for lasting success

  • Which signals or even alarm signals force a strategic rethink?
  • How does change become a success with every team and in every industry?
  • Which steps lead your change to success? 

Digital - Perfect processes and business units

  • Why is digitalization not a panacea?
  • Which processes and areas of your business will be better through digitalization?
  • What is the best way to take my team on the journey to a digital company? 


Further topics:

Transformation - lasting success in both worlds

How do companies that are successful in analog conquer the digital world?

What opportunities and risks await along the way?

What are the concrete recommendations for action from global best practice examples? And much more.


Customize - Your tailored  presentation

We would be happy to plan a presentation together that achieves your goals 100 percent.

The format, length and form of the presentation are freely selectable.

Let us inspire and convince your customers, guests and team together!



"We needed an energetic kick-off speaker to fire up our partners at our annual PARTSLIFE Congress. Marius did that and more! He knows our market and our industry like no other and tailored the talk exactly to our audience. Marius` offbeat and innovative thinking and ideas motivated the auditorium to have a very productive day. Thank you very much!"  
Daniel Grub, Managing Director, Partslife

"He managed to explain a partly unexplored topic like digitalization in a way that everyone could understand. Our audience ranged from young to old and really all participants were enthusiastic about the content as well as Marius himself. With him, there is guaranteed not a second of boredom. We clearly made the right choice with him. Top! "
Jürgen Book, Global Network Manager, BASF

"If you are considering booking Marius Kaufhold for a keynote speech on the topic of "Change" or a workshop for decision-makers in your company, don't think twice about it. Just do it!"
Serafina Martire - Marketing Manager - HAZET

"Marius Kaufhold has already given several presentations in our "Social Media Working Group. His lively manner secures him the full attention of the participants. He speaks the language of the audience, hits the nerve exactly and impresses with his high professional competence. We look forward to future events with him and are also very happy to work with Marius Kaufhold as part of the industry initiatives." 
Thomas Fischer, Managing Director, AAMPACT

"Thank you very much for this detailed insight into the topic of digitalization. I was able to take a lot away from Marius Kaufhold's keynote presentation and broaden my understanding of the topic. My recommendation: Experience Marius live. It's worth it!"
Dr. Ulrich Walz, Head of Aftermarket, ZF Group

"Marius' keynote presentation was not only informative, but also exciting and entertaining. With the topic of digitalization, he addresses something that involves immense complexity and is therefore often pushed to the side. However, Marius manages to make the topic more than understandable. Since I have known him for a long time and hold him in high esteem, I did not expect anything else from him. Great, that's how it should be!" Marcus Hähner, Global One

"A strong speaker! Marius Kaufhold was not only convincing with the content of his keynote speech, but also with his rhetorical finesse and energy. He knows how to engage the audience and build excitement, but most importantly, how to get people to want to implement some of what they learned after the presentation. Highly recommended. I would work with Marius again anytime. " 
Mrs. Dr. Klusak, Messe Frankfurt

"Marius Kaufhold's impulse presentations are always strong: full of energy, entertainment and in-depth knowledge. With his digital expertise, he provides exciting impulses for a successful future."
Stefan Binder, MBA - Managing Director A&W Verlag GmbH 


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