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Mark Muczka, a passionate art manager and entrepreneur, is an expert in art business and marketing. He started his career on the street by observing his brother and other artists marketing themselves and gathering important insights. The resulting wealth of experience has served him as the basis for refining and developing the art business. 20 years ago, Mark Muczka decided to support his brother Joe Muczka Jr. on his journey from street artist to becoming an internationally recognised artist for postmodern art. Both brothers come from a 200-year-old dynasty of artists. In his talks and seminars he takes his audience on an exciting journey through the colourful and crazy world of art and artists. He inspires his audiences with a vivid wealth of marketing examples from his practical experience for practical application. Mark Muczka encourages us to break new ground, to tear down barriers and to write our own marketing story.


Art business – how to turn art into business

  • What makes art and artists successful
  • What you can learn for your business from Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol
  • How to write your own success story and turn art into a brand
  • How to merge art and products to make art investments

Art events – the art of winning people over

  • How to use art and lifestyle to create a culture of encounter that inspires and whets the appetite for networking
  • How you can turn your customers and business partners into fans and develop new target groups with art events
  • How to use art as a growth factor and increase entrepreneurial success

Art marketing – the marketing masterclass

  • How art design can help you refine classic products and significantly increase added value
  • How art marketing can generate attention and measurably increase public awareness of your company
  • How art products and services can help your customers become brand ambassadors and ensure the success of your company. 


  • Mark Muczka is the owner of the Auro-Genio Art marketing company, which specialises in building an artist's brand.
  • The company currently represents only one artist: Joe Muczka Jr., but in the future it will also represent and establish other talented artists on the market.
  • Mark Muczka has been successfully active on the art market for 20 years. During this time, he has succeeded in building up an artist with a great name and high reputation on the art market.

  • Collectors and art lovers from all over the world seek out his works.

  • Mark Muczka has moved the boundaries of conventional ideas about art to another level and has set out on modern journeys...


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