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As a clinical anaesthetist, Dr Mark Weinert ensures that people can no longer speak and, as a communications expert, he ensures that people speak with each other better. His mission is to use his workshops, talks and books to help people to better understand themselves and others in order to achieve communal goals more easily. He succeeds brilliantly in presenting complicated contexts in a simple and humorous way. His work is characterised by a view that goes beyond the usual horizon - both technically and geographically. In 2007, he and his family moved to New Zealand for 3 years and today he lives in Munich. At international congresses, he manages to illuminate and unite the most diverse mentalities and perspectives. Dr Mark Weinert is involved in patient safety in several national projects and in the doctor-patient relationship in various organisations and associations.


“The 1-minute doctor” – communication in a nutshell!

  • How to build a trusting relationship in the shortest possible time
  • Learn how to recognise and consciously influence your own strengths, personal motivation and behaviour under pressure.
  • How to motivate your counterpart so you get your message across

The power of body language

  • How to decipher other people's signals to understand how they tick
  • How to place your message with the right impact
  • How to deliberately use your body language to create a positive relationship

“When I see him, my blood boils!” – Managing conflicts

  • How to reduce conflicts by recognising, at the first signs, what brings you and your counterpart back into balance
  • How to recognise different strengths and use them for your common goal
  • How to create a culture of trust and open cooperation for the good of everyone 


We've had Dr Weinert as a speaker several times; all the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, because it was relevant to actual practice and presented in a confident manner.” Professor Volker Wenzel, Friedrichshafen


“Of all the countless advanced  training courses, Mark's course is the one I still think about every day, even years later. It helps me understand my colleagues better and I find it useful almost every day.”
Dr. Thomas Kieber, Senior Physician Anaesthesia


“As part of our annual team trip, we took part in Mark Weinert's seminar. Despite the different characteristics of our team members, all the colleagues got something from this model. With regard to communication in the team and with our customers – as well as for everyone privately – the seminar opened an interesting new point of view, particularly concerning conflict situations and/or miscommunication... We can warmly recommend taking part as a team, department or company in order to strengthen cooperation and mutual understanding for the fact of "being different" between colleagues and customers.
Dr. Michael Weber, Managing Director Hire a Doctor Group, Berlin


“…We have learned a lot about how to handle daily contact with our participants, but also how to cooperate with our own colleagues. We thank Mark for the many little and big tips and wouldn't want to do without them in our daily work.”
Dr. Martina Heinrichs and Prof. Wolfgang Heinrichs, Managing Director of AQAI, Simulation Centre Mainz 


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