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Too little turnover. Too few orders. Do you feel like there´s more to be earned from sales? But where should you start? By lowering prices? Motivating sales? CRM, systems, training? Markus Milz has first-hand experience with these problems. The first company he owned almost ruined him: "My sales team is good. They can do it" - but sadly the success failed to materialise. Hard times followed: all the shareholders left the company, and he was the only one left. Sales became his passion. He found solutions and wrote successful books about them. What struck him about his fellow writers that each one of them propagated a different, sole salutary sales principle. His experience told him that you need flexible tools, applied in the right situation. But, above all, you should involve the people who are supposed to implement a system. Accompany Markus Milz on a journey and recognise how you can transform "gut-based sales" into a structured success process and how good strategies are actually implemented.


Sales champions strategies for managers –
Guide to systematic distribution

  • Wanting, being able, being allowed, doing - which way is it
  • The role of the manager in sales - Today and tomorrow
  • Best Practice - The SALESTOOLBOX® for successful systematic

Superheroes in distribution! – Chaka-Chaka or system?

  • How to profitably increase sales of new and existing customers
    with a systematic sales process
  • How to exploit the full potential of your existing customers with
    clever customer segmentation
  • Best Practices - experience and apply efficient sales processes

Sales is dead, long live sales! – Digital selling in the 21st century

  • You are the success - How your personality sells
  • How the customer learns through you what he really needs
  • Waking instead of covering - How to create demand instead of
    just satisfying it
  • How you become indispensable for your customer and facilitate
    his procurement processes

Price with strategy – There is always someone who makes it cheaper!

  • Price as a quality feature: Why cheap is often not profitable
  • How to find your individual value drivers and determine your
    own „right“ price
  • How to react to objections like „too expensive“ and how to keep
    the upper hand in price negotiations


„Batman in sales? Yes, that makes perfect sense. I sat in the audience
and can only confirm that. Thank you, Markus Milz, for the lecture. To the point, as always.“ Christian Fritsche, Marketing and sales optimization, Wirtschaftmediation

„We are totally thrilled! Mr. Milz took our members, customers and partners on an exciting journey with his speech ‚There is always someone who makes it cheaper‘ and gave a refreshingly new perspective on the topic of pricing.“ Hans Joachim Arnold, Chairman of the Board, Arnold Glas

“Mr Milz’s humorous talk on pricing made us think. A very fitting mixture of facts, ideas and anecdotes – great!” Thomas Hildenbrandt, Head of Sales, Profile Inland VEKA AG

„Great presentation about efficiency and effectiveness in sales! You can see that Mr. Milz not only has excellent know-how, but also a lot of passion for the topic. He knows how to get the decisive things across in a motivating and gripping way!“ Georg Lecheler, Partner, Oppenhoff & Partner

„It was a great pleasure to be able to listen to your presentation on
sales last week at the German House in London. One of the best
presentations I have heard in my 15-year career.“ Magdalena Crosa, Poland & Germany Desk Director, Santander UK Corporate & Commercial


„‚Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards.‘ This quote from Kierkegaard left a big impression on me. Those who live in the past miss out on a future full of fantastic possibilities. That‘s why I help people and companies utilise their potential. Because you have to transcend boundaries, understand the old and risk the new to do that, I broaden my horizons on my travels through my fascination of foreign cultures.”


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Strategieentwicklung: Die richtigen Dinge tun
Wissen + Karriere, Ausgabe Januar 2014


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