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Markus Obenauf is a leading expert in change management and top performance. After over two decades as a manager, in positions which even included CEO, he has experienced all the highs and lows of change processes. He knows the perils a change can bring to performance. But he also knows what to do to ensure an organisation returns to its high level of performance after the change. It is for this very reason that he has been called in by both SMEs and international groups and institutions to assist with difficult change projects as a specialist. He holds several professorships at the reputable Vienna University of Economics and Business, running change-management, leadership and top-performance seminars and presentations around the world. He highlights completely new perspectives, summarises facts with razor-sharp analyses, and delivers feasible solutions. Audiences value his humour and plain, raw openness. Markus Obenauf is quickly able to reach out to people, and thrill and inspire them.


Clear communication during change – How top performers understand what they need to do
  • Clear words – How to reach people in turbulent times
  • Orientation – How culture becomes an essential guidance system through change
  • Arousing emotions – How to make goals, mission statements and visions effective
Continuous leadership during change – Managerial success is measured by staff performance
  • ItÂ’s about performance – How to identify and systematically utilise your staffÂ’s performance potential and motives
  • Trust pays off – How to create orientation, stability and a performance-enhancing environment through clever leadership
  • Continuity in change – How to motivate and lead your staff even during turbulent times
Consistent actions during change – Why success is determined not at the summit, but on the plateau
  • Horse or jockey? – How to convert your staffÂ’s potential into strong performance
  • Clarifying the mission – How to ensure everyone pulls together and knows what to do
  • The basis of strong performance – always practise what you preach


Selection of references: Alcatel, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bundesbeschaffung GmbH, DBE, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, GESPAG, Manpower, Nissan, NÖ Landesklinken-Holding, ÖBB, Post AG, Renault, REWE, RHI, Roche, T-Mobile, Telekom Group, Trodat GmbH, Trotec Laser GmbH, UniCredit, Universitätsklinik Krems, UN – United Nations, Vienna University of Veterinary Medicine, voestalpine AG, Vorwerk, Austrian Economic Chambers, Vienna University of Economics and Business  
“Markus Obenauf has been really enriching our managers’ development programme for several years now. He understands our company, and inspires our managers.”
Dr. Ernst Balla, Corporate Human Resources, voestalpine AG
“Markus Obenauf provides the perfect mix of theory and practice with lots of sample exercises. He imparts his content in a manner comprehensible to everyone, and which can also be applied well to real life. Mr Obenauf has the gift of being able to pass on his knowledge in such a way that his entire audience is completely inspired.”
DI Christian Sischka, Director WKO Informationstechnology



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