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Markus Petzl is a bit cheeky. He says: “Up front is always where nobody knows what they’re doing yet. Up front is Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv or Shenzhen. And at the back, there‘s Europe. That‘s how it is. But it doesn‘t have to be like that.” That is why Markus is considered to be the most disruptive of all the speakers, because he refreshingly combines cheek with competence and disruption with strategy. As founder of the “disruptive - beyond your strategy” strategy consultancy, he guides companies into new exponential times. He thinks that‘s really cool. And never easy. Because the corporate world and disruption do not speak the same language. Markus shows you how it can work nevertheless. In his talks, he inspires his audience with an explosion of disruptive approaches from the crazy world of digitalisation, coupled with practical examples from actual business life. He encourages you to think in crazy ways and to conquer
new markets. In summary, he lives, thinks and revolutionizes quite impertinently between Vienna, Berlin, Tel Aviv and San Francisco. And maybe soon in your town, too.


The digitizing code – deciphering z, understanding & applying it.
Behind every disruptive attacker is a very specific code. Once decrypted, you can program your company to become a digital breakthrough.

  • How a start-up would replace my business model.
  • How to rethink and revolutionize your business model before others do.
  • How to establish and anchor a culture of innovation.
  • How to conquer new markets that had previously been completely inconceivable.
  • How to identify and exploit technology trends.

The 7 secret rules of digitalisation.
Uber instead of taxis, Netflix instead of TV and houzz instead of Ikea. A development that can no longer be stopped. Use the 7 secret rules for your business to conquer new markets.

  • How to use disruptive thinking from Silicon Valley for your business.
  • How disruption really works in existing companies.
  • How you can become a pioneer in your market with a moonshot strategy.
  • How to develop innovative products from your customers' pain points and so conquer new market shares previously regarded as unattainable.
  • And most importantly, do it all before someone else does.

Disruptive Crisis

  • How to make the crisis your disruptive opportunity
  • Learn how the disruption regulates the markets according to COVID
  • Recognize how you can become a pioneer in your market with
    new business models, especially during the crisis


  • Deutsche Bank
  • IAV // Volkswagen
  • PERI
  • Sanofi Aventis
  • VMWare
  • Santander
  • Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund
  • ING
  • Raiffeisen Banken
  • Johanniter Deutschland
  • Vinzenz Gruppe
  • Schur Flexibles Group
  • Mediaprint
  • die elisabtehinen
  • Regionalmedien Austria
  • Rewe
  • Der Standard
  • Handelsverband Österreich
  • Singapore Design Week
  • 15 Seconds Festival
  • 4Game Changer Festival
  • American Genetics
  • Sparkassenverband Bayern


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