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Martin Emrich received his doctorate in psychology on the subject of leadership. The author of multiple bestsellers is in demand around the world as a keynote speaker, an advisor and high-level executive coach. His clients include both renowned small and medium-size enterprises and international companies. Whether in Europe, Africa, Asia or the USA, Martin Emrich inspires his audiences with his well-founded and trenchant style of talks. He knows how to interactively integrate his audience into his talks, captivate them
and to make the psychology of leadership easy to apply. Entrepreneur Martin Emrich is known, among other things, for his appearances on the ARD TV channel as well as in Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche.


“NOPA” – the four success factors for self-reliant staff

  • How people tick in the digitalised world
  • How digitalisation affects, motivates and demotivates the management of employees
  • How the NOPA principle can help you get people on board, win them over and activate them long term

Leadership as a success factor – the psychology of leadership

  • What you can learn from the world‘s most successful leaders for your day-to-day management
  • The most devastating mistakes of great leaders and their consequences
  • How to find your leadership style in the age of constant change
  • How to pack the best tools of successful leaders into your methodology case and master the challenges of day-to-day management with confidence

DREAM – from vision to action

  • How to systematically identify and set the right and important goals
  • How to build a network that gives you wings and supports you long term
  • How to focus on the right tasks, free up implementation power and achieve your goals

Further topics:

  • Swarm intelligence – how to make use of your firm‘s full potential
  • Feedback – the power of (self-)reflection


Known from the following media: ARD, Handelsblatt, Wirtschaftswoche, FOCUS, manager magazin, DIE ZEIT


Current clients: Hugo Boss, Bosch, Daimler, Porsche, Rolls Royce, AOK, Ferrero, Technical University Munich (TUM)


“Dr. Emrich belongs to the Champions League – authentic, comprehensible, captivating!”
Markus Neubrand, Director of Controlling at HUGO BOSS


“Bravo! Bravissimo!”
Professor Nello Gaspardo, European School of Business


“I find the coaches of EMRICH Consulting to be very valuable companions during my professional change processes.!”
Boris Diebold, Senior Manager at Accenture


“Dr. Emrich creates real added value for companies!”
Oliver Ueltzhöffer, o2


“Extremely bright, competent and creative!”
Professor Gerald D. Bell, Kenan-Flagler Business School


“Il possède toutes les capacités!”
Dr. Nina Furry, Chambre de Commerce


“Brillante abilità di condurre una presentazione!”
Professor Cristina Zucchermaglio, Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienz”


The following technical support is required:

The presentation contains sound or film sequences

Der Referent wünscht folgende Art von Mikrofon ab 30 Personen:

Handheld microphone


Operating system:


The following equipment is required:


speaker's desk



Mikro wird nur bei einer Gruppengröße von 40 Personen benötigt, Präsentation in 16:9 vorhanden, 2-3 Tische, Wasser ohne Kohlensäure

The speaker has the following requirements for the backstage room:

Möglichkeit zur Abdunklung des Raumes