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Martin Limbeck is owner of the Martin Limbeck Training Group and one of the most demanded sales experts in the English and German speaking regions. For 23 years, he has been delighting management and sales staff with his insider know-how and practical strategies. To date, he has appeared in more than 20 countries around the world. Progressive selling in its entirety is the focus not only in his provocative and motivating lectures, but also in his implementation-oriented training sessions. Trainer of the Year in 2008 and 2011, 2006 and 2011 International German Training Prize in bronze, 5 Year Award in bronze (BDVT) in 2008, Conga Award in 2009 and 2010, Visiting Lecturer in the area of sales management at the ESB Business School in Reutlingen, Lecturer in Leadership Training at St. Gallen University, Certified Speaking Professional 2011 (CSP), International Speaker of the Year 2012 and Top Speaker of the Year 2014 the list of his successes and awards is long. It proofs: Martin Limbeck is one of the most successful and prestigious business speakers.


Limbeck’s lectures are:
  • Provoking, because he gets straight to the point
  • Polarising, because he is no mainstream type
  • Motivating, because he lives what he lectures
THE NEW HARDSELLING – Selling means selling
  • Acquisition success strategies at the highest level
  • Power, success and hardselling rhetoric
  • Through price argumentation consistently to the deal – guaranteed!

He has already not purchased – that’s what top sellers think
  • This is how you develop top seller skills
  • Strengthen self-confidence and self-motivation
  • This is how you develop a clear target orientation and increase your deal closing skills

Management style with maximum efficiency
  • Prevent the sale from being forgotten “outside”
  • The way to establish ambitious targets in a motivating way
  • More sales power through value-based leadership


Extract from the reference list: Allianz, Amadeus FiRe, Arcor, Bayer Healthcare, Commerzbank, Costa, Derpart, Dresdner Bank, Ebay, E-Plus, Helcotec, IKB Leasing, LBB, LBS, Miele, Motorola, Porsche, Remondis,
Securitas, Siemens, Sparkasse, Tchibo, The Phone House, TNT, Toshiba, Zeppelin
“Martin Limbeck is a top sales trainer. One of the stars of his sector.“ ARD
“Martin Limbeck is the sales expert, one of the most popular and bestpaid speakers in the German-speaking region – and known for his plain language style.“ RTL
“Limbeck sells. He can‘t do it any other way. It’s his life role.“
“Martin Limbeck is the Porsche of sales experts.”Network Karriere
“Today, he is a star on the salesperson sky.”
Wolfgang Hanfstein, Editor-in-Chief Managementbuch
“Martin Limbeck, a man of practice, who knows what he is talking about and is in a position to transfer his knowledge and ability.” Cash
“My fruitless attempts to push your fee down to my target price failed miserably. I compliment you not only for that, but also for the fact that you were worth every cent.“
Heiner Joswig, Managing Director Bühning & Joswig



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