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After studying in the USA and France, Dr Matthias Hettl, management expert, bestselling author and speaker, first worked as a management assistant and then held various management positions with managerial and budget responsibility. He worked as a consultant at the United Nations in New York, was a supervisory board member and, since 1995, has been the Managing Director of the Hettl Consult Management Institute in Rohr near Nuremberg. As a management consultant, he coaches CEOs, board members, management boards, executives and HR managements for SMEs and corporations. He focuses on leadership and management development. Matthias Hettl held a professorship for management and personnel management for several years, is widely known as a specialist book and audio book author, and as the author of numerous specialist articles. With several awards under his belt, he is one of the best speakers and works for the top seminar and congress organisers around the world. His events have regularly been awarded top marks for many years.


Effective leadership

  • How to use LEAD analysis to increase your leadership effectiveness by at least 50%
  • How to use the leadership compass to steer your staff to the next performance level
  • The secret of authentic and confident leadership and how to cultivate it

Leadership Teams

  • How to create a high-performance team – 3 principles and 6 rules to achieve this
  • Increase acceptance and results in your leadership team using the platinum rule
  • Leading executives is different – how to identify individual potential and support your leadership levels

Sustainable employee Motivation

  • What drives your employees and which motivational buttons you have to press to inspire them in the long term
  • Experience 30 definitive motivational tips with lasting practical effects that you can apply at once
  • What you as a leader must absolutely do to avoid your team becoming demotivated

Change leadership

  • How to navigate your way through the VUCA world and how to become VUCA-competent
  • What makes a change leader, how to initiate change and how it succeeds!
  • Change leadership vs change management – learn what the secrets of success of effective change leaders are, and apply them at once to your leadership situation


Apollo Optik, Bombardier Transportation, Bayer, BASF, Continental, Daimler, Dell, Hays, Hasbro, INGDiBa, Klinikum Stuttgart, Media Saturn, Pitstop, Roche, Siemens, Telekom, VW Bank and many more.
"A virtuoso in his field – a must for every executive – highly recommended." Telekom Deutschland GmbH
"By far the best performance of a speaker I have ever experienced." RheinEnergie AG
"Excellent practical support." KVB
 "Great, thanks – suitable for everyday use, vivid, purposeful, enriching, inspiring." Die Schwenninger Betriebskrankenkasse
"Horizon-broadening, informative, active --> great." Infraserv Hoechst KG
"Very good presentation, a high level of expertise." EGL AG, Switzerland


People, books and events that inspire me
People: Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger and the Dalai Lama, whom I was lucky enough to meet in the course of my work at the United Nations in New York, have left a lasting impression on me. Book: Managing Performing Living: Effective Management for a New World



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