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"Reinhard Sprenger has now found a colleague of equal stature in Matthias Kolbusa, one who is far removed from hot air and quackery." This is what Aldi CEO Dieter Brandes says about the professed "lateral thinker" Matthias Kolbusa. Kolbusa became an entrepreneur at the tender age of 14, developing software products for architects and engineers. The successful multi-entrepreneur is now a sought-after lecture speaker, best-selling author and advisor to top managers of numerous DAX-30 companies and international medium-sized companies. His lectures reflect his personality: clear, direct, result-oriented and refreshingly different. Kolbusa turns the spotlight on vivid and provocative management situations, turns things upside down, changes perspectives and delivers valuable thought-provoking ideas beyond the mainstream. Matthias Kolbusa holds his lectures either in German or English and is also at home on the international stage around the world.


Consistency: Uncompromising management
  •  Why inconsistency so dangerous, how it expresses itself and what causes it.
  •  How to escape the confusion of priorities and thus gain momentum.
  •  How to establish a culture of consistency and get the people around you on board.
 The ability to implement things: revving things up
  •  Why we often tread on our toes: about technocrats, chaos and despair
  •  How to resolve the tension between speed and perfection in your favour.
  •  How to create a high-performance culture in which people work with motivation, speed and purpose 
 Strategising for growth: strategy is an emotional issue
  •  The inflation of the strategy: what strategy is and what, above all, it is not.
  •  How to banish lip service and empty phrases and replace them with a binding commitment.
  •  How great strategies are created without a plethora of methods, but with a strong focus on innovation and competitiveness.  


"Reinhard Sprenger has now found a colleague of equal stature in Matthias Kolbusa, one who is far removed from hot air and quackery.” 
Dieter Brandes, Management Expert and former Managing Director of Aldi-Nord
"The most exciting talk on the topic of management I've heard so far."
Bernhard Heinrich, CEO, Nagel Group
"Matthias Kolbusa breaks down thought barriers.” 
Rainer von Borstel, Member of the Executive Board of DIEHL Stiftung & Co. KG 
"Revealing, inspiring, motivating. I've rarely heard such clear words on the topic of management."
Tobias Nagel, CTO, Nagel Group  
"Stimulating views on current management challenges."
Dr Heiko Fischer, CEO, VTG AG
"If you want to change something in an hour, Matthias Kolbusa could help you do that. His forcefulness is impressive. "
Dominik Lucius, CFO, FMS Logistics


 People, books and events that inspire me:
"Considered and consistent action is important to me. That's why I appreciate deep thoughts as well as courage and strength. Marcus Aurelius' self-reflections and Goethe's maxims are places of reflection for me. What I admire about Winston Churchill is his perseverance, about Steve Jobs, his visionary nature. And my Navy Seals training has shown me that our actions become more powerful if we understand not only the how, but, above all, the why." 





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