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“In Matthias Kolbusa, Reinhard Sprenger has finally found an equal in management, far away from all aphorisms and charlatanry.” This is what the former Aldi boss and bestselling author Dieter Brandes says about Matthias Kolbusa Strategies that ignite, changes that bring about great things, and implementation strength that really deserves the name: what organization doesn‘t dream of this?

For more than 20 years, Matthias Kolbusa has been supporting top European companies to gain massively in competitive strength through consistent implementation in leadership, strategy and change. Kolbusa‘s credo: High-performance organizations need a management characterized by clarity, honesty, speed, trust as well as a culture of error and controversy beyond the usual lip service. They need people who follow a common purpose, who put their ego at the service of a greater cause and who consistently implement what will massively move their organization forward.


Implementation strength – With consistency and speed to new levels
  • How to get your horsepower on the road and gain speed
  • How to break annoying implementation brakes and solve persistent
    behavior patterns
  • Which principles, attitude and tools will bring your projects
    faster and more consistently across the finish line

Management beyond Ego – With maturity to high-performance organization
  • Why ego-traps slow us down and how we recognize them
  • Learn the secrets of success of the Navy Seals on a motivating
    journey to the light and dark sides of our egos
  • Which principles and virtues give wings to your management
    successes and you will be happy to rise above yourself
  • How to establish a „Beyond-Ego“ and gain in productivity, innovation
    and speed

Further topics:
  • Consistency: Management without compromise –
    Leading with clarity and sincerity
  • Against the swarm:
    Becoming successful by your own efforts
  • Implementation management:
    Why good strategies and changes often fail to materialize
  • „Management beyond ego“ – leading teams to extraordinary
    success in the new working world


„In a sympathetic way, Kolbusa finds clear words with which he inspires  managers and makes them think.“ Bernhard Osburg, CEO, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

„Matthias Kolbusa takes one out of the comfort zone. He is uncomfortable in the best sense.“ Dr. Richard Lutz, CEO Deutsche Bahn AG

„Matthias Kolbusa always manages to get to the heart of complex
management issues and provide food for thought.“ Dr. Leo Birnbaum, Board Member, E.ON SE

„Implementation speed becomes a competitive advantage in itself. Matthias Kolbusa shows how this competitive competence can be developed.“ Achim Berg, Partner General Atlantic und ehem. Board Member,
Microsoft Int.

„Very pointed and thought-provoking.“
Hartmut Jenner, CEO, ALFRED KÄRCHER GmbH


„Thoughtful and consistent action is important to me. That‘s why I value deep thoughts as much as courage and strength. Marcus Aurelius‘ self-reflections and Goethe‘s maxims are places of reflection for me. What I like about Winston Churchill is his consistency, about Steve Jobs his vision. And my Navy Seals training has shown me that our actions become more powerful when we understand not only the how, but above all the why.”





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