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Michael Kimmelmann is your trade fair and sales expert. During his many years as a sales manager in a delicatessen wholesale business and as a director of a trading agency, he experienced the challenges of customer communication every day. His pet passion is giving successful presentations at trade fairs. In his book Der Messe-Wahnsinn ("The Trade Fair Madness"), he entertainingly describes the route from haphazard actionism to successful performance. In his seminars, talks and coaching sessions, the BDVT-certified trainer conveys his practice-oriented knowledge in a relaxed and informative way. His clients include renowned companies from various industries. Michael Kimmelmann works as a freelance lecturer at the IHK Bildungszentrum Karlsruhe and the Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin


The trade fair madness – haphazard actionism or a successful appearance?
  • Be brave and stand out! – How to make your stand an experience for your customers
  • How to operate properly! How to behave professionally in every situation and gain new contacts
  • Only the deal counts! – How to generate more revenue from your contacts
THIS is how you sell!
  • What does the customer really want? – Ask the right questions to identify your customers' true motives
  • Presentations that sell! – How to win your customers over with 5 points
  • Service that inspires! – How to bind your customers in the long term with service-oriented communication 
Master complaints with aplomb!
  • "What's bothering you?" – Show interest, listen and identify your customer's real concern
  • "What kind of customer are you?" – Talk to your customer on his or her personality level
  • "What is the solution?" – Find possible solutions and alternatives together with the customer 


"Conveys very competent expertise in a very pleasant atmosphere." J. Schott "The theory was well conveyed; the speaker ensures a relaxed and informative seminar. Keep it up!" D. Köllnberger "Very varied presentation method, was fun, didn't get boring." K. Kröckel "The perfect mix of theory and practice." T. Allkette  List of references:
  • Thyssen Krupp, Neuhausen
  • Hoff Interieur, Nuremberg
  • Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg
  • Württembergische Landesbibliothek, Stuttgart
  • Akos GmbH, Stuttgart
  • Municipal Office Filderstadt
  • Lift Equip GmbH, Neuhausen


People, books and events that inspire me

"Again and again, I see, when I visit trade fairs, which companies are successful and which aren't. That inspires me to help those who don't yet have a successful image." 



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