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Michael Maute, graduate fitness economist, fitness specialist, trainer for sports rehabilitation and entrepreneur with a passion, is an expert in corporate health management. His clients include well-known medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. Michael Maute is co-owner & managing director of three fitness & health centers. True to his motto "move better", he advises companies and is convinced that an investment in the health of employees is sustainably effective for maintaining & increasing performance and well-being. Whether in the health center or on stage, his humorous and authentic manner inspires his customers and participants to the topic "Fit for Business". His expert know-how also convinced the participants and jury of the Speaker Slam 2019, where he received the Excellence Award for his performance. Michael Maute motivates people to take responsibility for their own body
and mind and to enjoy fitness.


Fit for business – The profitability of health

  • How to increase motivation, reduce absenteeism and thus optimize the operating result with a functioning company health management
  • How you can sustainably increase the attractiveness of your employer and attract new employees with company health promotion measures
  • How to effectively increase mental and physical performance with a targeted catalog of measures

Success organ musculature – The drug under the skin

  • How regular training of the most complex organ after the brain can counteract diseases of civilization and increase your physical resistance
  • How to integrate your physical fitness program into your everyday life and achieve a lot with little effort
  • The do‘s and dont‘s for a healthy and strong back
  • How to promote your psychosocial health, increase your resilience and improve your mental and cognitive performance

Further topics:

  • Human resources - investment in the future
  • Success factor health - invest, motivate, profit
  • Healthy leadership - How to anchor a company health management system in the company in the long term


„With his entertaining, friendly and authentic manner, Michael Maute succeeds in convincing and even inspiring the audience in his lectures to invest in their own health as well as in the health of their employees.“ Hermann Scherer


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