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Dr. Michaela Merk has lived in Paris for 25 years, where she has worked in leadership positions and inspired employees of influential luxury brands such as L'Oréal, Dior, Hermès, Chanel or Rolex through keynotes, coaching and trainings.
As an expert in relationship and emotional intelligence to develop a memorable customer experience, successful leaders and high-end brands, Dr. Michaela Merk has inspired over 100,000 people in more than 20 countries for more than ten years. Her credo: "Those who master relationship intelligence possess the secret to delighting customers and employees for the long term, even at distance."
Michaela fascinates her audience in live performances, webinars and online trainings in English, French and German with her energetic and charismatic style. In 2020, she received the highest international award for public speaking, the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), awarded by the National Speakers Association of the United States. Parallel to her career in the business world, she is a professor of management and marketing at renowned business schools in Europe, Asia and the USA.


Discover the power of Emotional and Relationship Intelligence

  • Which major changes impact leadership in the next decade
  • Which qualities leaders must build in order to master increasing global change
  • How relationship intelligence in leadership reinforces ties throughout the entire business ecosystem
  • How to successfully transform your employees into engaged brand ambassadors in times of change


Discover the Secrets of Desirable Luxury Brands

  • What companies can learn from the most influential luxury brands worldwide
  • How brands and employees can generate desirability, uniqueness, and
  • How to increase the value of your company even if you are not selling luxury
  • How to make your brand legendary and lasting over generations


The art of selling to demanding clients

  • How your sales and service teams can help your clients feel emotionally
    connected to your brand
  • How demanding clients can still live a memorable experience in the digital age
  • How to generate an omnichannel client experience
  • How to transform modern clients into brand ambassadors


10 Secrets when women want to win

  • How women can become as successful as strong brands
  • How women can persuade though excellence, energy and personality
  • How to succeed as a woman in business through my own ideas and values
  • How women can build and manage their own business in a highly competitive


L'Oréal, LVMH, Dior, Chanel, Nikon, Rolex, Shiseido, Four Seasons Hotels, Nespresso, Lacoste, Pimkie, Pierre Fabre, Clarins, Hermès, Puig, Douglas, Sephora, Kérastase, Montblanc, Guerlain, Merz Pharma etc.
"Ms Merk's talk was excellent, very motivating, visionary, inspiring and, at the same time, had concrete tips that we could implement in our shops." José Fornés Peréz, General Manager Kérastase, L'Oréal Deutschland
"Her presentation was engaging, interactive and very inspiring for new management ideas in the digital world." Jeffrey Barnett, CEO Commerce Cloud, Salesforce
"The participants of our international marketing and retail seminar were thrilled with your brilliant and highly topical presentation." Stéphanie Emeury Mohr, Director of Market and Customer Research, LVMH International
"Michaela Merk's keynote speech about customer experience at the point of sale inspired my retail team and I to come up with fresh ideas in order to leave the best possible impression with our customers. Her engaging way full of energy motivated and impressed us all."- ANNE SCHAAL Managing Director Southeast Asia & Australia at A. Lange & Söhne

"Thank you so much for your excellent presentation, appreciated by all our teams. It was really amazing how you fired up the ambiance and gave very relevant insights and ideas for better customer experience." ISABELLE SVARTSTEIN-BOURJADE General Manager L’Oréal Luxe

"Great inspirational speaker. Very engaging and motivating for the audience. Highly recommended to drive leadership topics and customer excellence." Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld, Head Digital Platforms & Marketplaces at UBS
"I have rarely experienced such a fascinating speaker as Michaela Merk. Our audience was captivated by her interesting benchmarks, actionable tips, substantiated by concrete facts. She is an absolute marketing expert, a brilliant speaker and charismatic personality." - Alexander Nehls, International Marketing Director, Dynafit


People, books and events that inspire me
"My biggest source of inspiration is meeting people from all cultures in my nearly 100 adventure trips around the world.
What also influenced me were competitive sports in artistic gymnastics at the highest level."



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