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Mohamad Adam is a specialist in general practice and can look back on many years' practical experience in orthopaedics, internal medicine, the emergency room, general medicine, osteopathy and naturopathy. The family man and former national player of the German taekwondo team confidently uses all his senses and his mind to recognise the individual causes of specific diseases. His private practice in the heart of Frankfurt has specialised in making synergistic use of various medical systems for the benefit of patients. He regards his main task as reviving old medical knowledge. In this context, he is able to benefit from his numerous study visits to, among other places, India, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Indonesia. Adam´s thesis is that only those who know their temperament and can harmonise it with their lifestyle can stay or become healthy. With calmness and openness, he succeeds in putting common sense back into the foreground of individual health promotion.


Healthy with mind and temperament

  • „Window open or closed?“ – Recognise your individual temperament and make your everyday life more relaxed
  • „Hot or cool?“ – Make conscious use of your potential to avoid conflicts and make decisions
  • „Ginger or lemon?“ „Chicken soup or salad?“ – Everyone’s talking about nutrition – experience for yourself WHAT is good for you and WHEN!
  • „Healthy or unhealthy“ – Recognise the individual cause of illness with common sense – Understand YOUR body in YOUR environment and learn to live mindfully!

A healthy team in a healthy company

  • Productive, healthy and efficient at work – design a healthy working environment that creates harmony!
  • „Manager or accountant?“ – Which task best suits which employee?
  • How colours, scents and plants minimise the number of sick days
  • Why environmental protection is also human protection

Why does an intervertebral disc decides to press on a nerve?

  • Your back – where are the problems? A new world view of THE widespread condition 
  • How your organs determine your posture
  • What’s the appendix scar from your childhood got to do with it?
  • What you can do to relieve your pain...


Mohamad Adam has received the following feedback from patients and audiences:

“Without Mr Adam‘s multi-perspective approach, I would still be looking at the wrong end of my body for the causes of my symptoms today. The odyssey I’ve gone through in the medical world has finally come to an end.”

“In addition, I have learnt a lot about my body, its inner workings and the preventive mindfulness towards it that it needs!”
Participant of a talk

“Besides being qualified as a general practitioner, Mr Adam has sound knowledge and skills in the fields of medical history, natural medicine, osteopathy and acupuncture. This shapes his view of various symptoms, which he looks at from various perspectives and often puts into an – at first – astonishing context.”
Participant of a talk

“You sense from the very first minute that, behind Doc Adam‘s extensive knowledge, there’s not only a sharp intelligence, but also human cleverness.”
Participant of a consultation


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