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Monika Matschnig is considered Germany‘s No. 1 body language expert (ARD, ZDF, Focus, SZ, SAT.1, among others) and she lives what she teaches. The former competitive athlete and certified psychologist has been working as an international keynote speaker, trainer and coach for almost 20 years. She is a guest speaker at several universities and is a welcome guest in TV talk shows: she is appreciated and feared by celebrities, politicians and decision-makers on account of her pointed analyses. Her books have sold over 300,000 copies. Her clients include companies, managers, executives and anyone who wants to improve their impact. She has received numerous awards for her commitment and her entertaining, instructive and motivating work.


Body language, effect, performance

  • Impact competence can be learned
  • The body dominates the language – the crowning glory is

Charisma, authenticity, presence

  • The secret of charisma
  • Authenticity – Brilliance on your life stages
  • The art of leading effectively – power and empathy

Presentations, negotiations, discussions – digital or

  • You always work! – Use every appearance, whether digital or
  • Collect sympathy points and convince people

Treacherous body language: Lying, deceiving and concealing

  • I deceive, therefore I am – Lie as a social factor
  • Myths of body language – correct interpretation, perception
    and effect


Monika Matschnig‘s customers include well-known corporations
and SMEs:
Arthrex, BayWa, Bosch, Daimler AG, Dove, LinkedIn, Johnson & Johnson, LBS, Lufthansa, Microsoft, Novartis, RE/MAX, REWE Group, Schwarzkopf, Segmüller, Siemens, Sparkassen etc.

„When Monika Matschnig takes the stage, it‘s the start of a pervasive
experience“ Stuttgarter Zeitung

„The Austrian is a body language trainer, and she’s one of the best
in Germany...” Süddeutsche Zeitung

„Your presentation was brilliant and got under your skin!“
J. Wagner, BION-pad®

„Many thanks again for your wonderful English presentation at the
international conference in Basel. You have indeed touched us: A phenomenal conference conclusion!“
Dr. Philipp A.F. Wilhelm, CEO Schweizer Institut für
Managementerneuerung GmbH


I am inspired by people who ARE ACTING and everyone can learn to act. It fulfills me when people use my help to permanently increase their effectiveness. It is my passion to show what they are capable of.



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