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Nadine Rass is a professional – in golf, in coaching and in performance with her customers. A coach and trainer for more than 15 years now, the attractive Tyrolean is a PGA golf professional and, besides numerous European and world championship appearances, has already played as an amateur alongside Tiger Woods as a junior world champion in the USA. What it means to perform well under pressure is nowhere as complex and variable as in the sport of golf. Humorous and yet highly professional, she talks about life as a golf professional on the European and Asian Tour. With her simple mental coaching method, she is now one of the best coaches in the German-speaking world and she was the first and to date only woman in Austria to be awarded a degree for her holistic mental training in 2011. With an eye on the essentials, the experienced trainer convinces her audience with tools from professional sports and strengthens her positive emotions for the successful business. At present, Nadine Rass, alias golfnadine, is a particularly inspiring keynote speaker thanks to her active speeches full of ideas.


Tired mind, exhausted body? Experience active Regeneration
  • Power Breathing! Just breathe away anger and other negative emotions.
  • Clear instructions for your head! Why success is the result of your thinking – while others are still planning, you're already in action.
  • Time management for more energy! Even without a dog, 30 minutes of outdoor training for your head.

"Performance PRESSURE, FEAR of failure, or LOSS of image" – emotions an athlete is familiar with and knows how to handle
  • Benefit from the mental training tools from professional sports.
  • Experience how your personality can be used to generate more energy for your performance with simple actions.
  • Pressure humour! Believe in yourself when under pressure and laugh at YOURSELF.
    Yes, just give up! How new impulses arise out of lost chances and you don't have to fear praise.

Simply do a good job! With improvisation and gut feeling to success
  • Why focusing on the moment, professional perseverance and sincere effort bring long-term success.
  • 100% determination – there's no plan B! Why worries and fault analyses weaken your self-confidence and reduce your performance.
  • How to deal with competition and defeats. The goal lies ahead of you – which way do you choose in between?
  • Rapid decision-making and focusing on the now. Do your best and wait for the result – patience is a valuable virtue in today's fast age!


"Nadine Rass is an experience! She delights her audience with expertise, competence and her charismatic demeanour. The speaker knows that every theory is only as good as it can be put into practice. As a woman of action, she mixes theory with practical exercises, so that every participant has a real benefit after her presentation and can take something home with them that they can apply to their everyday working life. Her active talk is pure energy that inspires the audience."
Mag. Sabine Wiesflecker, CEO, Frau in der Wirtschaft, Tiroler Wirtschaftskammer "[...] In her talks as well as on the golf course, she shows us how to succeed with ease, but always with focus. With an ingenious mixture of theory, practical exercises and controllable technology, each participant takes a lot home with them for their everyday working life. Thanks to her experience as a trainer, coach and ex-professional sportswoman, she always finds individual solutions which can be used to achieve improvements. With her tireless drive, Nadine conveys the pleasure to be had in movement and inspires people with uncomplicated and very efficient forms of training."
Markus Stadelmann, National Director, UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG


People, books and events that inspire me "No matter how many titles, knowledge, money and power a person has, these things are worthless in competitive sports and what counts are pragmatism and personality. In my work, I experience professionals, amateurs and successful business leaders on one level enjoying the simple things and growing mentally through physical activity. Most of all, I learn from young children who, with all their holistic senses, go through the world with a positive attitude, and are happy in themselves in the here and now... "





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