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Nelly Kostadinova, international entrepreneur and speaker. In her work as an entrepreneur over almost the last thirty years, she has shown how all manner of hurdles can be overcome with the right combination of enthusiasm, intuition and dedication. Her success has received a great deal of media coverage and has seen her presented with a number of awards and honorary titles. The media have called her a role model for women in business, a real go-getter, a powerhouse. But at heart, Nelly Kostadinova is and remains an impassioned founder of new businesses. “Nothing makes you happier than getting something you really love off the ground”, she says. And her success story begins with a single, simple idea. Today, her company Lingua-World is a leading player in the international market. Among its clients are both international corporations and mid-sized companies. As a speaker, she encourages people to seize opportunities that come their way and show others where new opportunities lie. Nelly Kostadinova moves and inspires audiences with the story of her rise in business, from an immigrant new to Germany to a successful entrepreneur.


A suitcase full of ambition – How to start small and think big 
  • How to shape your future with four decisive factors for success 
  • How to recognise your strengths, use them effectively, inspire those around you and win others over
  • How you can turn from a “talker“ into a “doer“ and not limit your success
GlobalPower – Why differences make us stronger
  • How to use cultural strengths for your business
  • How to recognise key characteristics behind different mentalities and use them as a springboard for success
  • How to perfectly manage the benefits of international structures and increase your economic performance
Hidden Champions! The path to becoming a market leader 
  • How to become a symbol of quality in your industry and develop your brand
  • How to identify those employees who are looking to grow and offer the fit best in your company
  • How to create a rewarding environment for creativity and innovation
  • How to find your niche and open up new markets
  • How to position yourself internationally and become a global player

Additional topics: Crises, bad luck and tough times: What we win when we lose  Lacking opportunities, stuck for ideas, back against the wall? 


“Whenever an internationally successful entrepreneur like yourself talks about their career and their experiences, it is always worth paying attention. But when that speaker adds thoughtful reflections and entertaining ideas about global business and digitization, it makes their talk all the more worthwhile and inspiring. Ms. Kostadinova, you were a real highlight of our anniversary event and we would like to thank you ever so much for your wonderful contribution.” ALMUT SCHMITZ, CEO of NRW.International GmbH “For our Düsseldorf Ladies Lounge, we were looking for a speaker who would be able to embody and convey the values behind entrepreneurship on an international level. In Nelly Kostadinova, we found just that. Through a talk that was both highly impressive and, at the same time, remarkably entertaining, she explained what makes an entrepreneur and the challenges that need to be overcome – especially for a woman in business. Her speech was truly inspiring and her enthusiasm for her role was exceptionally infectious, as the lively discussions that followed certainly proved. Nelly Kostadinova is sure to be remembered by all those who took part.” DR. ANDREA LENSING-KRAMER Partner, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

  • “Fundraising Award“ from the Board of Youth Alive Ministries (YAM) for long-term commitment to children in Soweto, South Africa (2017)
  • Nominated for the European Business Awards (2014/15)
  • Nominated for the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award (2010 and 2015)
  • VICTRESS Role Model Award (2010)



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