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Nicola Fritze: Interactive. Inspiring. Humorous. The author, executive coach and organizational psychologist has been rocking the speaker stages for 20 years. She activates her audience with amazing experiments and encourages new thinking and action. The extraordinary closeness to the audience, the many inspiring interactions and the high density of transferable impulses make her keynotes uplifting experiences. The basis for this is several years of intensive stage experience with improvisational theater on various stages in Berlin. Her clients include well-known medium-sized companies as well as international corporations.


Creativity creates a head start

  • How you create a breeding ground for innovation
  • How to recognize and eliminate creativity killers
  • Which myths and misconceptions about creativity slow you and your team down

Motivate yourself. No one else will do it.

  • How the power of action changes your inner attitude
  • How to get your thinking, perception and action going
  • How to inspire others to a new inner attitude in order to act in a target-oriented way.

Change - Simple. Do!

  • How to win others over for change
  • Which prerequisites make change successful
  • How the frustration of change finally turns into the desire to change


Excerpt from the reference list:

1&1 Internet, Accenture, Allianz, Axel Springer, BASF, Bayerische Landeszahnärztekammer, Bodystreet, BorgWarner, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Post, DELL, IBM, ivd, Merck, NOWEDA, Porsche, Sparkasse, ThyssenKrupp, Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken and many more.

Customer testimonials:

"Nicola Fritze - an absolute highlight. The woman really belongs on TV!" Alexandra Förster, Institute for the Further Training of Works Councils KG

"Nicola Fritze was challengingly direct, eye-opening and disarming. All this coupled with a loving, empathetic cordiality." Stephan Bauer, self-employed Lifeplus partner

"Ms. Fritze managed to sustainably motivate and inspire our customers with her eloquent and humorous manner and practical examples. It was a pleasure to listen to her. Fresh, convincing and rousing!" Sabrina Proto, Assistant Product Management, Haufe Akademie

"This time it topped everything." Ingrid Dietz, Head of Wealth Management Department, VBU Volksbank im Unterland eG

"Rarely laughed so much and rarely experienced such intense participation in the late afternoon!" Rita Weymann - Adama Deutschland GmbH


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