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Nikki Hollender is an international speaker, coach, guest professor and entrepreneur. For 20 years, as a top executive in various roles in sales, marketing, innovation management and business development, she has generated revenue growth worth tens of millions for top Fortune 500 companies, such as L'OREAL, P&G, NESTLE and HEINEKEN. What makes Nikki unique is her ability to think at least five years ahead, both holistically and out-of-the-box, and to redefine the market quickly and sustainably with an innovative and disruptive concept. She passes on her expertise to managers as a lecturer and guest professor at the renowned Zurich University of Applied Sciences. She is the founder and CEO of the international Health & Beauty Lounge company, award-winning in its founding year, 2017, as the fastest-growing company in her region and given the top rating by customers. Nikki is cosmopolitan, has a huge network and can speak in various languages on the biggest stages.


Digital Marketing & Sales Power 4.0
  • Digital customer journey: how to impress the customer at every touchpoint
  • How to generate more growth through successful e-commerce
  • Customer focus: how to generate best-in-class segmentation, retargeting, reviews & ratings, user-generated content, social media and influencers
The new generation of selling
  • How to win customers
  • How to convince instore –inspirational instore excellence
  • How to sell without selling
  • How to turn customers into family members and communities
Market your way to millions – the wow factor
  • What are the new marketing and branding rules?
  • How to tap the market gap in a complex environment
  • Customers are passé: how to find and retain fans, offline and online
  • Automatic progressive growth
Disruptive innovation management – become a game changer: be fast and furious
  • How to redefine the market
  • How to generate disruptive innovations
  • How to develop an intelligent innovation process
  • How to carry out change management successfully


"Her talks are inspiring, brilliant and the knowledge you imparted is incredibly valuable, practical and can be successfully implemented quickly. We will book you again."
Cedric Vinclair, Senior Managing Partner, VIP – Vinclair Investment Partners LTD "You have an incredible presence on the stage; your solid content is real added value. Coupled with the right amount of humour and pragmatism, you have inspired us to carry out your ideas immediately."
Susanne Bateman Albiez, CEO, Smart Swiss Brands LLC "Nicola Hollender's talks are the best we've experienced in recent years. An unforgettable experience with tangible benefits and great inspiration that you mustn't miss. "
Ester Saliba, CEO, Waldeggnest Ltd L'Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, Accenture, Mondelez, Nestlé, Heineken, Philips, UBS, Swiss, Zurich, Credit Suisse, Swiss Re and Deloitte 



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