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When Nils-Peter speaks, spellbound silence is nothing rare. He whisks his audience off into the world of brand technology. He is an entrepreneur who is driven by brands and media, a man who is rarely still and silent. He says of himself: "I really have nothing but marketing in my head – and a great deal of it, too." As a consultant, he is now one of the most distinguished marketing experts in the German-speaking world. His mission? To discover the unique aspects of one's own brand. As a speaker, he likes to polarise people, to entertain with illustrative stories from a consultant's life, and to always remain very close to operational practice. He provides knowledge for movers and shakers who wish to experience what is really useful and learn what is simply useless marketing talk, beyond the usual hype. Benefit from the knowledge of one of the very few publicly appointed and sworn marketing experts, who can also tell German judges which way the wind is blowing.


The Fischfell strategy – surviving in an ocean of disruption

  • How do I develop the unique aspects of my own brand?
  • What are the essential principles of contemporary brand management?
  • How do I strengthen my brand across all perceptual fields?
  • How do I defend myself against attacks from disruptors?
  • How do I increase brand value and secure my company?

The wrong kind of bait and gutted fish – how entrepreneurs and consultants beat each other up

  • What goes wrong when working together with agencies?
  • How can I get more creative results?
  • What is important when negotiating with agencies?
  • How can I invest my budget better?
  • How can I avoid disputes with consultants?

When someone touches on what touches you – making brands tangible with "touchpoint management"

  • How do I create and optimise brands for all the senses?
  • What are the options beyond design?
  • How do I turn employees into brand ambassadors?
  • How can I implement "touchpoint management" by simple means?
  • How do better customer experiences improve my operating result?


"There's just one speaker on the market who can get to the heart of market-related topics so vividly. Nils-Peter Hey is a rhetorical heavyweight, a first-class professional, and a genuinely funny guy."
Hermann Scherer, Business Expert & Speaker
"Nils Hey on stage in three words: authentic, refreshing, entertaining."
Nicole Schwenck, Delius Klasing Verlag
"Health insurance can be a dry topic. But with a great deal of expertise and humour, Mr Hey always knew how to make talks and speeches interesting for our firm and entertaining and varied for the listeners." 
David Göllner, BKK Mobil Oil
"Refreshing and extremely entertaining – Mr Hey was a successful start to our online marketing day with 400 attendees."
Daniel Weichert, Bieg Hessen, Chamber of Commerce Frankfurt am Main
Positions of responsibility:
• SARAMAR Sachverständigenrat Marketing e. V. (President)
• BAW Bayerische Akademie für Wirtschaftskommunikation e. G. (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
• Fischfell Strategieberatung (Owner)
• Richard Pflaum Verlag GmbH & Co. KG (Authorised Officer)
• Hörer und Flamme GmbH (Authorised Officer) 




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