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When Nils-Peter Hey"˜s phone rings, it"˜s because people want straightforward advice on marketing-related issues. His answers are blunt and he likes to humorously hold up a mirror to the overheated marketing scene. The special thing about Nils-Peter Hey is that he works as a publicly appointed and sworn marketing expert. Judges handling complicated disputes ask him for expert opinions; the media ask him when they want statements, evaluations and soundbites of a special quality. In his talks, he tells illustrative annecdotes from his wealth of experience in court and of marketing disputes which make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. As a speaker, he passionately passes on his knowledge to entrepreneurs who want to improve their marketing organisation from the ground up. He provides knowledge for movers and shakers who want to experience, beyond the usual hype, what really makes sense in an
ecologically and socially demanding time and what is just useless marketing hyperactivity.


#DigiEcoChange –
meaning and substance for tomorrow‘s marketing.

  • 10 practical tools to manage brands and entrepreneurs more
    ecologically and socially.
  • What do marketing, digitalisation and change management
    have in common?
  • How do you give a brand meaning?
  • Why do we need a new concept of innovation?
  • How do I personally have to change to play my part as a
    forward-thinking entrepreneur?

No more BS marketing, thank you very much!

  • How to survive in an over-hyped marketing world?
  • What‘s a hit and what‘s shit?
  • How do I communicate what is unique about my brand?
  • What is the essence of contemporary brand management?
  • How do I strengthen my brand across all fields of perception?

How I learned to love my consultant – a practical guide
to greater marketing success

  • What‘s can go wrong when working with agencies?
  • How can I achieve more creative results?
  • What is important when negotiating with agencies?
  • How can I invest my budget better?
  • How can I avoid disputes with consultants?

‚‚SARAMAR Sachverständigenrat Marketing e. V. (Präsident)
‚‚BAW Bayerische Akademie für Wirtschaftskommunikation e. G.
(Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats)


„Nils-Peter Hey is a fantastic speaker – contentwise of course, but he also has entertainer qualities. He has incredible marketing expertise and can systematically build up and expand (new) brands and marketing strategies for firms. Highly recommended!”“ Alexandra Dellmeier, Trademark Lawyer

„There‘s never been such an excess of buzzes and bullshit in marketing as there is today. We need categorisation and orientation. Noone brings more substance and clarity to this issue than Nils-Peter. I would confide in him myself.“ Thomas Koch aka „Mr Media“

„There are very few people that can win people over, convince them, and teach them something fundamental, with so much power, expertise, wit, energy, and tongue in cheek as this hurricane. Talks by Nils Hey – you have to experience it for yourself!”“ Markus Hörwick, Former Press Officer of FC Bayern

  • SARAMAR Expert Council Marketing e. V. (President)
  • BAW Bayerische Akademie für Wirtschaftskommunikation e.G.
    (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
  • Fischfell Strategieberatung (Owner)
  • Richard Pflaum Publishing House GmbH & Co. KG (authorized


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