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After successfully completing ballet training, and following a career performing at some of the best theatres around the world, such as the Moulin Rouge in Paris and Maurice BéjartÂ’s company in Lausanne, Nina Burri, the exceptional dancer from Bern, decided to create her own acrobatic solo repertoire. To do this, she spent six intensive months in China learning the art of contortion and handstand acrobatics. Once back in Europe, she devised the “Golden Eye” routine as a homage to James Bond, making the leap into famous variety shows and circus shows, and winning various awards at artistry festivals from 2009 onwards. Nina achieved international fame in 2011 as a finalist in the TV shows “SwitzerlandÂ’s Got Talent” (“Die größten Schweizer Talente”) and “FranceÂ’s Got Talent” (“La France a un Incroyable Talent”). Thanks to her incredible skills, the artist was given a US Green Card in 2014, and since then has also been thrilling audiences in America with her shows.



Sample bookings include:
Corporate events, galas, trade fairs, TV shows, interviews with show component, private parties and events, circus, variety shows
The customer chooses from seven different contortion routines
lasting 5-8 minutes as main acts:
  • James Bond acts: Golden Eye or Skyfall
  • Carmen act
  • Rock act: Angels on the Moon
  • The Rose
  • Every Breath You Take
  • Plus other short 3-4-minute routines as additions
Other bookable services:
  • Contortion workshops and “The conscious body” seminars
  • Photo shoots as an artist and model
  • Multilingual hosting (D/F/E)


“Even the Chinese are amazed by Nina Burri! What this artist demonstrated today is usually only what we see from little Asian circus performers. IÂ’m sure many people wondered if she actually had any bones. Her show really was a source of ‘endlessÂ’ enjoyment!” Swatch Group Shanghai, Review “Nina Burri achieves seemingly impossible contortions, and fascinates us with an ease and grace we have only otherwise seen from Chinese circus artists.” Ottawa Events Review, Canada “Finally a proper woman showing us that this art form isnÂ’t just reserved for small children!” Der Westen, Varieté Review “For me, youÂ’re a potential ‘One-Million-Dollar ActÂ’!” Howard Stern, US radio host and AGT judge



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