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According to ZDF, qualified business management expert Oliver Geisselhart is Germany’s no. 1 memory and mental coach. He is one of Europe’s most successful speakers, and in 1983, at the age of 16, he was Europe’s youngest memory trainer. The bestselling author is an associate uni lecturer, and his “Geisselhart technique for memory and mental training” is considered by experts to be the most practical of its kind. His excellent speaking skills have seen him win three “Conga Awards”, the Oscar of the conference and events industry (2008, 2009, 2010). He also shares his public speaking knowledge in presentations at seminars and as a guest uni lecturer. Oliver Geisselhart is known from countless newspaper, radio and TV reports. His almost comedic presentation style thrills thousands of people every year, with companies from all industries booking him for motivational staff and customer events worldwide.


Surviving in tomorrow’s digital world – From memory owners to memory users of the future 
  •     Digital dementia: Reality or scaremongering?
  •     Multitasking: Blessing or curse?
  •     Survival training for the brain
 Head or notepaper? – Your memory can do a lot more than you think
  •     Immediately noting names and faces
  •     Storing specialised literature and info
  •     Speaking freely in talks/presentations
  •     Always having arguments and responses to objections down pat
  •     Memorising your schedule
 Persuasive presenting – Reach 100 times more people and sales through presentations
  •     How to overcome your fear of public speaking, give every speech effortlessly, and present confidently!
  •     The best tips for persuasive presentations!
  •     Three errors which ruin any speech!
  •     How to immediately win over your audience!
  •     Effectively preparing for talks and speeches
  •     Achieving two-figure sales quotas


Corporate references: BMW, Bosch, DHL, e-Plus, Telekom, Allianz, LBS, Deutscher Ring, Fujitsu-Siemens, Lufthansa, MAN, HP, Postbank, BASF, Deutsche Bank, VR-Banks, Sparkassen, Microscoft, Dr. Oetker and many more. Press: ARD, RTL, VOX, Focus, Die Welt, Bild, Capital, SWR, HR3 and many more. “Germany’s leading memory trainer”. N24
“This training is methodical and leads to success.” Managermagazin “Germany’s no. 1 memory trainer.” ZDF “Sales success starts in the mind!” Versicherungsmagazin Customer testimonials: “Geisselhart rocks the stage, just awesome.” Guido Bappert, Manager


People, books and events which inspire me: 
The “GedächtnisPapst” (“Memory Pope”) (TV HH1) is unique in his ability to inspire and motivate his audiences and transform them into memory users with his wit and charm. Every participant achieves astonishing feats of memory after just 15 minutes of the presentation. This earned him the title of Memory Trainer of the Year in 2000 and 2013. 



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