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Peter Brandl: According to Zeitmagazin, one of the most famous communication pros, (former) professional pilot, businessman, flight instructor and repeated author. With over 3,000 event days in more than 20 years, in 13 countries and on three continents, he is certainly among the most extraordinary and popular speakers on the market. During his lectures, passengers become pilots – in their professional, as well as personal lives. Full of passion, thrilling and with masterful rhetoric, he carries over experiences from aviation to everyday situations from business and work life. Suspense and all sorts of directly applicable a-ha experiences turn your event into an unforgettable, successful event.


Crash Communication:
Communication at maximum altitude
  • Can you communicate? Or:“I will indeed know what I said“
  • “Why don't they understand me?“ or: Professional tools for successful communication.
  • Effectively persuade, or: „Why leaving it only objective doesn’t make sense.“
  • How you can communicate more effectively, avoid friction losses as a result and reach your goals quicker!
Hurricane Management: Leading in stormy times
  • Blame Culture or: How you can turn your team into a learning organization.
  • Using staff resources vs. power distance or: Why it is better when the co-pilot flies.
  • Surviving Change – Effectively manage change processes Put the thrust lever on the table for successful business management of tomorrow.
Hudson River:
The art of making difficult decisions
  • What you have to do, to ….
    ... Live the life you want to live?
    ... Lead projects to their result and goal?
  • And why has it been often going completely differently up until now? Master the art of making difficult decisions and become the pilot of your projects.


a.hardtrodt GmbH, AOK Systems, Allgaier Werke GmbH, Audi AG,Airbus, Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH, Commerzbank AG, credit suisse, Deutsche Bank AG, Deutsche Post AG, DRF Luftrettung, Erste Bank AG, Globus, Hewlett Packard, IBM, KUMA Vision, logica, Microsoft, Frankfurt Messe, netcentric AG, OBI, Peter Brehm, PRINT Plus, Rockwell Automation, Recaro, Siemens, Sparkasse, Talanx AG, VFB Stuttgart, Wind River, Wessling Group “Extremely entertaining and informative Powerfully motivating.”
Thomas Gärber, Commerzbank

“I thought I had heard everything on the topic of communication. Mr Brandl has clearly taught me something better. Simply fantastic!”
Andrea Böhm, First Bank of the Austrian Sparkassen AG

“Our clients were absolutely thrilled by your lecture. Above all, the way you could apply everything in practice was great.”
Michael Sondermann, Deutsche Bank

“Your hands-on experience as professional pilot and businessman makes your lecture so exciting and applicable in practice.”
Michael Baumann, Managing Director MTU South Africa

“Already after the first minute, 100% attention was achieved.”
Marlies, Otto, Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung



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