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Peter Gastberger, who trained in Orlando, Florida, at the Les Brown Foundation, is a renowned international trainer and author with a focus on intrinsic communication. Peter helps people to develop a „feeling“ for each other. By means of inner mindfulness and the tools of intrinsic communication for successful adaptive emotion regulation, Peter will help you to achieve a turnaround in your company or team and your personal growth in no time. Due to the fact that Peter chiefly led teams where it was almost too late for his help, he learnt just how important empathy is – not only in business life – and what power can be released with empathic intelligence. Based on this knowledge, Peter helps companies and personalities to follow their own individual path. As a philanthropist, Peter has also initiated the international project Phoenix. Project Phoenix is dedicated to helping adopted and orphaned children around the world to learn, early on, how to create achievable goals from dreams.


Successful with empathy – shaping the company and your own life successfully and mindfully

  • Perceive your own and other people‘s feelings with inner mindfulness to easily reach goals and interests
  • „Fake it till you make it!“ – Your inner attitude controls the way you communicate and the way you communicate controls your inner attitude
  • Reach your ideal situation: use your awareness and your intrinsic communication skills to initiate change

Leading projects & teams with empathy

  • Learn to better understand and influence your own emotions to better understand and predict relationships and situations
  • Shape the spirit of your team with conscious, simple means
  • Lead yourself and your team to success with empathic

Dominate your business – what intrinsic communication does

  • Expose the emotional potential in the market and in your firm
  • Every product or service has untapped potential. This could mean a massive increase in your profits
  • Explore your customers’ deepest emotional wishes
  • Develop a corporate communication intelligence



  • Thyssenkrupp
  • Volkswagen Financial Service
  • GHX – Global Healthcare Exchange
  • Fahrtraum (Porsche Museum Mattsee)
  • T-Systems
  • JCI (Junior Chamber International)
  • PMI (Project Management Institute)
  • Daneybury Vineyards
  • Swisscom
  • FMH (Swiss Medical Association)
  • Swisssign – Trusted Identity
  • Aduno Payment Systems
  • Skyguide


People, books and events that inspire me: My mentor Mike Williams, Dr Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, my son Patrick

  • Your Erroneous Zones, Dr Wayne Dyer
  • Vernunft, Wahrheit und Geschichte, Hilary Putnam
  •  Lifetide, Lyall Watson

Events: my life to date



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