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Peter Gentsch is an entrepreneur and one of the top experts in the field of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and big data. As the holder of the Chair of International Business Administration at the HTW Aalen with a focus on CRM and Digital Intelligence, he regularly assists in studies on these topics. Since the 1990s, Peter Gentsch has worked on the theory and practice of digitalisation and is, therefore, one of its pioneers in Germany. He is the author of numerous national and internationally excellent publications and, as a keynote speaker, inspires his international audience with his vivid and entertaining nature. In 2010, together with Lufthansa, he was awarded the Innovation Prize by the German Market Research association. Together with DHL, he won the International Digital Communication Award in 2011 and the German Prize for Online Communication in 2014. Since 2010, he has been responsible for the exclusive Digital Excellence Circle, to which Audi, Bosch, Daimler, Lufthansa, Microsoft, Telekom and Otto, among others, belong.


Artificial Intelligence for sales, marketing and service

  • How to recognize the potentials of AI for your business
  • AI in practice: strategies, methods and tools for successful implementation
  • How to use big data and analytics to gain new customers and increase customer loyalty with little effort, low costs and reliable planning

Revolution - evolution - illusion? Digital transformation: the opportunities and risks 

  • Your implementation roadmap to become a successful digital champion
  • How to create a culture of digital change in your company
  • How to make the opportunities offered by digitization tangible with small pilot projects

The digital map - countries, markets, and companies

  • Find out how digital your business is compared to your competitors
  • Learn how to systematically expand your digital performance
  • Learn what ‘state-of-the-art’ is in your industry


Allianz, Audi, Berner Group, BMW, Bosch, Coca-Cola, Daimler, Deutsche Lufthansa, eBay, ERGO, FC Bayern Munich, Google, Microsoft, MLP, Nintendo, O2, sky, Viessmann, Volkswagen Awards:

  • German Market Research Association’s Innovation Prize 2010
  • Digital Communication Award 2011
  • German Prize for Online Communication 2014 



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