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Over 8,000 flying hours, thousands of take-offs and landings on four continents. And one flight that changed his life...
"Germany's most famous pilot" (ERFOLG Magazin) captivates his audience with incredible experiences and valuable expert knowledge. Philip Keil opens a new perspective on the fundamental topics of the 21st century:
Personal responsibility, real teamwork and the handling of change.
Philip Keil is ranked as "business-mastermind" (econo magazine) and "change-expert" (WELT German News TV), as he speaks about these subjects from the hands-on practical experience of an airline pilot.
As international Top-Speaker and successful non-fiction author he reached tens of thousands of people all across Europe with his impulses.


Crash or precision landing? The team makes the difference
Get excited about a change of perspective on the classic management topics communication, leadership and teamwork. In these fields aviation sets new, unconventional standards. Beyond rigid hierarchies, Crews nowadays must be flexible and well-organized, in order to learn from each other. Especially when it comes to managing errors and emergencies.
  • Why teams fail and the tools every "captain" should know about
  • How the most important switch in the cockpit will change the way you're heading
  • Maximum thrust for shared success: how to live a learning culture
YOU are the pilot! Responsibility is a decision. Your decision!
In this motivating keynote Philip Keil describes his emotional experiences in terms of responsibility and confidence: „Only when you control the steering wheel, you can give your life an own direction.“ He takes his „passengers“ along a stunning journey through his life and encourages his audience, to fight for their goals in life.
  • Take responsibility: methods for the business culture 4.0
  • Because hiding is no option: confident decisions in turbulent times
  • Silence never again - how to communicate clearly and to speak up

Decision Points - New goals require a precise compass
What are the Decision Points in life? As pilot Philip Keil is trained on dealing with unexpected challenges and transfers this unique knowhow to our changing society. Creativity and innovation require the use of our maybe most valuable resource: intuition, our „inner compass“.

  • Reaching goals means reaching people: lead, do not delegate
  • Mastering change: real growth occurs outside the comfort zone
  • Inner compass: huge decisions exceed rational considerations by far

 Further topics and presentations by Philip Keil:
  •  Achieving goals
  •  Impulses for a positive error culture
  •  Crisis management for the business cockpit
  •  Strategies for dealing with changes
  •  Communication in a nutshell: teamwork above the clouds 


"Our executives have rated your talk as top class. Only the popcorn was missing." Rene Behr, HR Director IWC

"You had 100% of the attention in the hall from the very first second. Your keynote speech was still being talked about in our offices weeks later. Thanks a lot for this! Martin Staudigl, HR Director Richemont

"Thank you very much for your speech, extremely exciting! I have actually integrated your strategies into my workplace." Achim von Michel, German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

"Excellent speaker! Both, his exciting experiences and his highly effective pilot strategies made his speech an outstanding event for our company!" Prof. Dr Mayer, General Electric



People, books and events that inspire me: "It's thanks to my years of training that I didn't crash in 2009. This borderline experience broadened my horizons. Because since then, as an author, speaker and trainer, I've been helping people overcome turmoil and achieve their goals. This is what drives me! We grow with challenges – we shouldn't be afraid of them. That's what made my near-crash taught me. By the way, I still regularly sit in the cockpit as a commercial pilot.



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