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Professor Michael Teubert, a passionate speaker, trainer and entrepreneur, acquired his expertise during the many years he spent working for national and international companies. He was in charge of HR, marketing and sales for firms such as Sharp Electronics (Europe) GmbH, Schülke & Mayr GmbH (Air Liquide Group) and, most recently, was the HR Director of a listed American group. These days, he passes on his valuable empirical knowledge and new and highly effective management tools in seminars, coaching sessions and events via his Contalis Wirtschaftsinstitut in Hamburg. In his view of leadership, he also focuses on the digital transformation, the generational change that is taking place. Furthermore, his economic institute deals with self-developed digital products (e.g. Quadio), which enable users to solve business challenges. His lively, direct, clear and winning way of speaking inspires participants. His examples are practical and can quickly be applied. He is a man of practical experience who can put his knowledge to practical use and is the suitable sparring partner for executives, managing directors and board members.


High-performance leadership – How to lead successfully and effectively with strategy

  • How to lead by example, be aware of your own strengths, and present yourself confidently and effectively
  • How to recognise, foster and build on the potential of your employees
  • How to balance competences and emotions and achieve excellence

STORM® – the 5 leadership tools for a successful future

  • How to identify, shape and consciously control the factors of your success
  • Open, authentic and direct leadership; tactful and diplomatic communication
  • How to achieve a high level of efficiency, increase your efficiency and boost the company's success with the management tools of the future

Education – "The No. 1 Resource" – how to overcome boundaries and open up new growth potential

  • How to challenge structures and trigger the necessary changes
  • How to arouse people's willingness to change, foster lifelong learning in your corporate culture, and guarantee sustainable knowledge management


"I normally go to events such as coaching sessions with some reservations. That's why I was all the more astonished by just how much I'm able to also talk about things I can still work on. This isn't so easy sometimes. This coaching definitely helps me to assume responsibility even more effectively and to set things in motion." 
Jürgen Kohl, Managing Director, REHAVISTA Group, Bremen

"The coaching is effectively tailored towards strengths and weaknesses and is oriented towards the company's needs and expectations in effective correspondence with me as a person. I feel as though I've been given great support; it's fun and there's nothing quite like it." 
Marc Hundacker, Vice President, Scout24 Media, Berlin

"I thought I knew a lot about coaching – until I met Professor Teubert. Now I know what coaching really means. I experience a very special form of support here, one which gives me certainty in my decisions and asks me to think beyond boundaries. Great." 
Henning Lübben, EMEA Controller + AMD Germany, Valmet, Leverkusen


People, books and events that inspire me
"Leadership isn't complicated – it's complex. With a great deal of curiosity, I try to pinpoint how people manage themselves, what drives them to go to their limits, to walk down unfamiliar paths, to design new things or take trendsetting decisions, despite adverse circumstances. Nearly every day, my profession gives me the chance to discover these sources of energy, to draw conclusions and to share these findings with others." 


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