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Prof. Dr. Thomas Schwartz, Priest, university lecturer and TV moderator, is an ethicist by conviction. He studied philosophy, theology and political sciences in Münster, Augsburg, Freiburg and Rome, where he was consecrated as a Priest in 1990. Member of the European Academy of Science and Arts, he is one of the best-known business ethicists in Germany. His clients include well-known medium-sized companies, as well as international corporations. Prof. Dr. Schwartz teaches applied ethics, especially business and corporate ethics, at major universities in Germany and abroad. In his lectures at congresses, forums and company events, he fascinates participants with his witty talks full of humor and ingenuity. He knows how to explain well-founded contents in comprehensible terms and spectacularly demonstrates that ethical behavior leads to long-term success.


Ethics - The business strategy of the future!
  • Can you make money with ethics?
  • Why ethics and your competitor move you forward
  • How ethics becomes the success factor of your company
Added value through appreciation
  • The role that corporate culture plays in added value
  • How appreciation becomes the engine of trade
  • How good leadership is visible and creates value
Honesty, the virtue of success?
  • Talk is silver, silence is golden – is the truth always the right thing? 
  • From „respectable businessman" to the internet assessment of today
  • Why honesty is always the basis for long-term business success
Matter of luck success? – What really counts!
  • Why quick money does not make you happy for long
  • How you can be the architect of your own fortune
  • How you can give your luck a chance
  • Why happy people are successful


  • Deutsche Bank AG
  • Krones AG
  • PriceWaterhouse Coopers AG
  • KPMG
  • Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Schwaben Chamber of Crafts 
  • Bavaria Chamber of Trade
  • Bavaria Cooperative Association 
  • Raiffeisenbank Donau-Ries
  • Raiffeisenbank Landsberg Ammersee • Augusta Bank Augsburg
  • Stadtsparkasse Augsburg 
  • Sparkasse Nürnberg
  • Sparkassenverband Bayern
  • Metal Industry Employers of Baden Württemberg
  • Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economy 
  • German Caritas Association
  • German Federal Ministry for consumer protection, food and agriculture
  • German East Asia Association
  • cardiocon cardiologist congress • SEB Bank
  • quirin bank 
  • Daimler AG
  • Ergo AG
  • AGV – Association of Employers in the Insurance Sector in Germany
  • Ernst & Young
  • Central Association of German Handcraft



Neues Buch zur Fernsehreihe "Alpha bis Omega": Reden über Gott und die Welt

Naturwissenschaft trifft auf Theologie: In 20 Themenkreisen tauscht sich Prof. Dr.Thomas Schwartz, Redner, studierter Philosoph, Theologe, Staats- und Politikwissenschatler mit seinem Freund Harald Lesch, bekennender Naturwissenschaftler, Philosoph und protestantischer Christ über die ersten und letzten Dinge im Universum und im Leben eines Menschen aus.
Die beiden Freunde verwenden dabei unterschiedliche Methoden und haben verschiedene Perspektiven. Der Theologe Thomas Schwartz und der Astrophysiker Harald Lesch, beides langjährige Professoren, zeigen in ihren Streifzügen durch die Natur beide Seiten einer Medaille.

Weitere Informationen, sowie eine Verlinkung zum Buchkauf erhalten Sie unter der Kategorie "Medien".


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