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Rafael Fuchsgruber is currently the most successful German desert ultra-marathon runner. He is an entrepreneur in the concert sector, extreme athlete, an ultra-marathon ambassador, a cultural cosmopolitan, who works with Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ed Sheeran and many more. He can look back on an impressive life – with highs and lows, as well as a successful entrepreneurial career and inspiring sporting successes. On the one hand, in his TV appearances and talks he tells, impressively and personally, the story of how he came to be an extreme athelete. On the other hand, thanks to his down-to-earth character and confiding nature, he is a speaker who encourages people to break new ground and believe in themselves. In recent years, Rafael Fuchsgruber has received a lot of attention in renowned media channels on account of his book publications and adventure races. He is a welcome guest on various TV shows, such as "Markus Lanz", "3nach9" or "ZDF-Sportreportage."


Running wild – how to push your boundaries and maximise your performance
  • How to set and achieve goals
  • How to overcome defeat and master your challenges step by step
  • Using the right mental strategy to gain inner strength and get ahead of the game
  • How correct enegy management will help you maximise and sustain your output
Crises – the building blocks of success
  • Steady growth and personality development through a cultivated culture of mistakes
  • Success or failure – you decide!
  • Beyond the horizon – how to push your way through your boundaries
Crisis management – what do you do when you're suddenly confronted by a rhinoceros?
  • Why instinct and gut feeling can be a good basis for making quick decisions
  • How to access your experiences in any situation and take action
Other topics:
  • Intelligent competition strategies for personal energy management


TV appearances:
  • Markus Lanz ZDF talk show
  • Daheim und Unterwegs WDR
  • RTL Nachtjournal
  • ZIBB on RBB
  • BBC World
  • TV "3nach9" with Judith Rakers and Giovanni di Lorenzo
  • TV DAS NDR with  Bettina Tiedjen
  • TV ZDF Sportreportage – 10 min. contribution about The Track, a 520-km run through Australia
  • Current report on Saarländischer Rundfunk
  • SAT. 1 News TV
  • Köln TV
  • TV Sportarena SWR
  • UNICEF Gala Hotel Maritim/Timmendorfer Strand
  • Sparkasse Mühlheim
  • BMW Leipzig/Leipzig Marathon
  • International Sales Meeting Bratislava/X-Bionic
  • Hamburg Marathon – Marathon Messe für X-Bionic
  • Gala "Runner of the Year" Deutscher Leichtathletik Verband – Gummersbach
  • Polizei Baden-Württemberg, Polizei Präsidium Ludwigsburg, Keynote Motivation
  • Wörthersee – Trailfestival – Ultratrail
  • New Year's Reception at Leipzig Trade Fair– Bundesverband Mittelständischer Wirtschaft
  • Future Business Dialogue - Meyle+Müller-Gruppe und Heer-Medien-Gruppe, Legendenhalle Böblingen
  • Talk evening in Universum Bremen  



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