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Reto Ringger is a pioneer and entrepreneur at the interface of financial markets and sustainability. He founded Globalance Bank in 2011 and is its CEO. Globalance Bank is an award-winning private bank with a future-oriented business model in private banking. The bank is the first in the world to use the Globalance Footprint to measure the impact of investments on the economy, society and the environment. Before Globalance, Reto Ringger founded the SAM Group in 1995, which he successfully sold to the Robeco Group in 2008. Under his leadership, SAM launched the world‘s leading Dow Jones Sustainability Index together with Dow Jones, making SAM one of the leading providers of sustainable investments. For this he received, among others, the Global Green Award from Green Cross International. He is a member of the Club of Rome and holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Geneva. In his speeches he inspires the audience with investment themes and surprising future perspectives. He encourages them to invest in a positive future.


 Footprint – what footprint does my money have?

  • Why we invested in the past
  • How to invest in the future
  • How you can achieve a positive impact on the economy, society and the environment

Disruption in the economy – an opportunity for our planet?

  • What exponential development means for us
  • What is the state of our planet?
  • What are the resultant investment opportunities?

Investing in the future and not in past successes

  • How companies can be successful in the long term with a new mindset
  • How to develop a corporate culture that is future-proof
  • How to create a fertile environment for innovation
  • Why speed is becoming the No. 1 success factor


Some company references:
Christian Schaffenberger, CEO Mercuri Urval, Petra-Anna Herhoffer, INLUX, Professor Alexander J. B. Zehnder, ETH Zürich, Dept. of Environmental Systems Science, Gery Nievergelt, Editor-in-Chief HTR Revue


Participants of the "Luxury Business Day" event in Munich:
“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the brilliant and convincing input presentation. High quality, from the very first minute to the last. A brilliant achievement from my point of view and unfortunately one that's encountered ever more rarely.” An architect


“With his talk and forward-looking topics, Reto Ringger succeeds in creating a momentum of consciousness that is unparalleled.” A lawyer


“I'd like to thank you once again for enriching our congress with your presentation. I received very good feedback, especially – and perhaps not so surprisingly – from the younger participants. One participant told me that she had never before heard such an impressive and touching presentation at a conference, that she had almost cried.” A congress organiser


“I left feeling completely inspired by Reto Ringger's talk.” A lecturer


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